A debt-ridden ex-bank manager tried robbing a Mumbai bank and, in the process, killed the current manager and injured the cashier. The incident was reported on July 29, Thursday from Mumbai’s Virar (East) region and the bank in question has been reported as private banking institution ICICI bank.

Equipped with knife and insight as to where the money is kept and how to retrieve it in the quickest way, the ex-bank manager was later held by the police.


Every job comes with its hazards. Personnel of security forces are implicitly lauded for protecting citizens from security threats, so are the employees who put their life on stake and work at dangerous places. But what about citizens who are manning the public wealth in banks and institutes. Their jobs are at times considered boring and safe, there are instances when one is reminded of how quickly the chips can fall and situations can turn dangerous.

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The Debt-Ridden Bank Manager Takes Matter in Hands

In one such situation, an ex-bank manager of an ICICI bank in Mumbai tried to rob the Virar’s ICICI branch and in process ended up injuring the cashier and killing the current manager. According to reports, the man was debt ridden and was working at another nationalized bank in the capacity of manager.

Accused Duo Barges in, Only Manger and Cashier at Bank

On the night of Thursday, July 29, the man along with his accomplice barged into the Virar’s ICICI branch which had its shutter half down. In the bank, other staff members had already left at around 7.30 and the bank manager along with cashier were winding down. The bank manager has been identified as Yogita Vartak and the cashier has been identified as Sweta Devrukh.

The duo then headed straight to the locker and while threatening both the women, the duo ordered Yogita to open the lockers. The duo then proceeded to fill their bags with cash and gold and as they were about to flee the scene, the women raised an alarm.

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Situation Escalates, Tussle Breaks, Women Slashed by Accused

As the situation escalated, a tussle broke in the bank and the duo ended up slashing the women on their necks, chest and shoulders with knife. The brawl inside the bank attracted the attention of the people passing by on the street who chased the duo that were trying to fled the scene.

Primary Accused Nabbed by Public, Accomplice Flees

Finally, the primary accused Anil Dubey (35) was nabbed by the public however his accomplice was able to fled the scene. The police are on the lookout for the accomplice and Dubey will now be interrogated and investigated by the Mumbai police. The duo’s car, which was parked nearby, was also seized by the police and the bag of cash and gold too was recovered.

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Bank Manager found in pool of blood, Cashier Taken to Hospital

Meanwhile, bank manager Yogita was found lying motionless in the pool of her own blood and was declared dead on arrival when she was taken to Sanjeevni hospital. The bank cashier Sweta is currently taking treatment and her condition is labelled serious. Both the women have been identified to be Virar residents.

What Preliminary Investigation Suggests

During the preliminary investigation it was revealed that primary accused Anil was an ex-bank manager of the branch he tried to rob and worked till a few years ago. The police also claimed that he knew the inner-workings of the bank and knew where the lockers were located and who all would be staying late during month end for accounting related tasks.

The CCTV footage is also being examined by the police and the police are also interrogating the security guard. There haven’t been any confirmations as to where the security guard was when this happened.