In an incident that restores faith in humanity, an Uttar Pradesh newlywed couple saved a girl’s life by donating blood. The internet can be a mean and nasty place filled with trolls, but there are days when some stories reaffirm the good sides of humanity like hope, empathy, and courage. 

An Uttar Pradesh policeman Ashish Mishra recently took to Twitter where he showcased a kind gesture made by a newlywed couple. The cop posted a tweet on the micro-blogging site where he explained how a newlywed couple came to the aid of a girl who needed blood. 

In his tweet, it is explained that no one initially came forward to donate the blood. But fortunately, the newlyweds dressed in their married attire stepped in and became the heroes of the day. 

Mishra in the tweet used the hashtag #UpPoliceMitra and #PoliceMitra to draw netizen’s attention to the warm gesture of the couple. The UpPoliceMitra is an initiative that encourages young people in Uttar Pradesh to donate blood.  

Since posting the tweet, the couple’s gesture is being lauded online.  

The tweet has been liked by over 500 people so far and 73 people have retweeted it to share the couple’s example.