In a horrific confession, an unqualified nurse in Germany said that he was hungover while in hospital, and killed two of his patients so that he could nap peacefully. The accused in the matter confessed during trial that he simply wanted to shut the patients up as he was hungover and wanted to be in peace.

Reportedly, the accused “enjoyed” playing nurse despite having no qualification and also enjoyed giving patients medications and seeing its effects on them. The accused in the matter has been identified as Mario G, who posed as a nurse at one of the biggest hospitals in Munich, Germany. Prosecutors told the court that the accused gave a lethal cocktail of drugs, as he enjoyed being in a position of power for the patients that were admitted in the hospital.

The court was also told that Mario G liked playing doctor, and aimed to do as little as he could during his shifts at the hospital. The two patients that died due to the male nurse’s actions were 80 and 89. Mario G admitted that he spent about AUD $231 (Rs 13,300) every day on alcohol, and drank 30shots of Jägermeister and also beers when he used to celebrate every day.

Further, it was also revealed that the man may have enjoyed seeing his patients be resuscitated.

The Facts of the Matter

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. When a person or a group of people have too much power or control with less accountability, it can often lead to abuse of power and have some tragic consequences. Checks and balances are often needed in such situations, and regular accountability must be sought amongst people from all ranks and positions.

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G Mario Gives Lethal Cocktail of Drugs

In a shocking incident reported from Germany, a fake nurse who enjoyed being in position of power, killed two patients at a hospital in Munich. The suspect was nursing a hangover, and wanted to sleep peacefully. He gave his patients a dangerous cocktail of lethal combination which eventually led to their deaths. The accused in the matter has been identified as Mario G.

The two patients who died on the fake nurse were 80 and 89. One of the survivors of the man’s actions was German poet Hans Magnus Enzenberger. Hans was somehow brought back to life after being injected dangerous sedatives diazepam and lorazepam in drastic and unchecked quantities.

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Accused Enjoyed “Playing Doctor”

As per a The Sunday Times report, the fake nurse posed as a healthcare worker, and enjoyed giving patients medications despite having no qualifications to do so. He enjoyed “playing doctor” and made sure he was made to do as little as possible when he was on shifts at a hospital in Germany’s Munich.

Prosecutors told court that Mario G injected deadly cocktails of drugs as he liked to be in a “position of power”. The accused also confessed to have medicated the patients and told court, “I made a big mistake. As I was inebriated, there was only one option for me: to sedate them. I am deeply sorry.”

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Spent $230 Every Day on Booze

The prosecutors have stated that the man’s actions were “selfish” as he endangered the lives of patients so that he could sleep to nurse his hangover. Prosecutors revealed that the accused spent AUD $231 every day, and drank 30 shots of Jägermeister along with beers when he was out. To get rid of the smell, Mario said that he used to put half a bottle of perfume on himself.

It is also being claimed that the man may have been motivated as he enjoyed seeing patients be resuscitated every day.  “I could then tell friends and family again that I had a resuscitation at work,” Mario said.


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