Garba queen’ Falguni Pathak has been taking sly digs at Neha Kakkar for her ‘Maine payal hai chhankai’ remix and netizens are loving it. While the popular Gujarati folk singer has not issued an official statement regarding her standing, she has been resharing stories of people who have been criticizing Neha Kakkar’s spin on the popular song.

It all started earlier this week when singer and Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar released a new song ‘O Sajna’, which is a kind of-sort of rendition of Falguni Pathak’s song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai. Falguni Pathak’s loyalists did not take the rendition attempt too kindly, and took to their social media criticizing the song.

Various fans also asked Falguni to react to Neha Kakkar’s new song. While Falguni Pathak has remained silent, her actions are speaking volumes. Since a while, Falguni Pathak has been actively reposting stories of people panning the song.

One of the stories she reshared was of an Instagram user asking Neha Kakkar to use her “brain” to “produce original content” instead of “trying to earn money out of a product that’s already available in the market”.

Another story Falguni shared had a caption that read – “Band karo ye paap. Please someone ban these autotune singers and their remakes lol.”

The Facts of the Matter

Since time immemorial, remixes have been polarizing music enthusiasts. On the one hand are those appreciate remix creators for adding their own spin to an already produced song, others pan it specifically for the same reason.

Though the jury is out on the fate of remixes, it seems that India’s garba-queen Falguni Pathak has been embroiled in a popcorn-munching drama on social media on the matter.

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Neha Kakkar Releases ‘O Sajna’

For the unversed, Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar recently released a song called ‘O Sajna’, which is a recreation of Falguni Pathak’s Maine Payal Hai Chhankai. The song comes ahead of the festive season of Navratri where hundreds of thousands of Indians take to the pandals and do garbas on similar tunes.

After Kakkar released the song, social media users took her to task and trolled her left and right because of the same. Many users called the song “cringe-worthy” and found it difficult to appreciate the techno touch given to the traditional song.

Falguni Pathak Reacts Without Issuing Statement

Falguni Pathak meanwhile, who has still not released an official statement or her reaction, has been showing her support to the trollers. The singer has been actively resharing reels and stories of people who have criticized the song on Instagram. While she has not officially disapproved of the song O Sajna, the move is being looked as an indirect way of doing so.

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“Use your brain”: Insta User Angry at Neha Kakkar

Let’s look at some of the stories Falguni Pathak shared which disapproves of Neha Kakkar’s ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’ remix.

One story that Falguni Pathak reshared had a social media user asking Neha Kakkar to “use her brain and art to produce original content” and not “earn money out of a product that’s already available in the market”.

Meanwhile, another person whose Instagram story Falguni reshared wrote – “Band karo ye paap. Please someone ban these autotune singers and their remakes lol”.

Another fan went as far as asking Falguni Pathak to “sue” Neha. “Like WTF Neha Kakkar, thank you for s**ting again on one of my fave classics,” the Instagram user added.

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Netizens on Twitter Join the Fun

Falguni Pathak’s actions were noticed by Twitteratis, who took screenshots of Falguni’s stories, and shared them on Twitter.

“she’s reposting all the stories hating on neha kakkar😭😂”, a Twitter user wrote.

“so falguni pathak is as angry as we are for ruining her classic song by neha kakkar.

how do they get the copyright of songs if singers themselves don’t want ?,” another Twitter user wrote.


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