In a shocking incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, two female advocates in Kasganj district engaged in a vicious brawl where they were caught on video pulling each other’s hair & raining slaps at each other in a free-for-all melee like situation. The two advocates decided to hash it out in the court premises itself, and were later booked by the cops.

In the video of the incident going viral, the two female advocates can be seen shoving and locking each other in their arms. A man tries to intervene and free the two women, but his efforts go in vain. One of the female advocates dressed in a shirt and jeans can be seen slapping another advocate dressed in saree. This enrages the advocate in saree who drags her ‘opponent’ by hair and pushes her on the ground. What follows is a string of few more slaps by each other.

Soon, a female cop rushes and tries to intervene. The two roughed up female advocates hurl allegations against each other for being disrespectful, as bystanders turn into mute spectators, capturing the entire ordeal on their phones.

According to reports, the dispute occurred at Family Court of the District Sessions Court where the two advocates were present to defend their clients.

The Facts of the Matter

Lawyers in the courtroom are known to be fierce and determined. Often, for their clients and a sense of justice, lawyers and advocates present lengthy arguments and debates in the courtroom. However, what happens when the same lawyers throw caution out of the window, and instead of engaging in a debate, throw punches and kicks at each other?

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj district, two female advocates recently engaged in a vicious brawl, which transpired in the Family Court of the District Sessions Court. The incident was captured on cam, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows two advocates – one dressed in shirt-pants, and one dressed in saree – locked up in almost a wrestling like maneuver. A man tries to intervene and break the women free and his efforts are soon proven to be in vain.

The advocate in pants-shirt slap the advocate in saree, and soon, the two women are seen dragging each other by hair, trying to out-slap one another, as other bystanders absorb the drama and capture the incident on phone.

As both the women assault each other with a flurry of slaps, a female cop intervenes and makes sure the two advocates back off. The female advocates continue to hurl accusations against one another for being disrespectful.

Watch he Video here:

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What Caused the Brawl?

As per reports, the two female advocates who engaged in the brawl were identified as Yogita Saxena of Kasganj and Sunita Kaushik of Aligarh. Reportedly Saxena was at the court to represent Parul Saxena and Raul Bose, a couple who were appearing at the Family Court.

During their appearance, Yogita Saxena had an argument with Sunita Kaushik, which escalated into a physical altercation. The altercation went to a point where both the advocates kicked, slapped and pulled each other’s hair.

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Woman Advocate Booked

Following the incident, a case was registered against Sunita Kaushik under multiple sections of IPC, including Section 323 (causing hurt), 504 (insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), and 506 (criminal intimidation).


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