In a heartwarming incident, women inmates in Uttar Pradesh jail recently threw a female prisoner’s newborn baby a party to make the newborn feel at home. According to a Times Now report, earlier on August 19, Maya Devi gave birth to a newborn in the ‘jail hospital.

A week later, prison offers and other inmates threw the baby a birthday party to provide the newborn and mother a more “home-like” environment. The birthday party included folk songs, folk dances by female inmates and officers to welcome the newborn. Further, the female inmates also decorated the mother’s cell with garlands.

What’s a birthday party without gifts, one would ask. The newborn’s birthday party ended with the female inmates coming together and gifting newborn with some toys, clothes, cradle. Meanwhile, the new mom in question was gifted a saree.

Earlier this month, a video of a prisoner cutting a birthday cake went viral on social media. The man in question was Roshan Jha, a man accused of murder. Jha celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake in a police van when he was being taken to a session court in Thane.

The incident was caught on video and soon the netizens online questioned law-enforcement authorities.

The Facts of the Matter

According to a National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, out of the total 4,78,600 prisoners, there were 19,913 female prisoners in India. According to the data, Uttarakhand reported the highest female occupancy rate while Uttar Pradesh reported the most number of female prisoners (4,174).

Recently, some female inmates lodged in a UP prison came together for a heartwarming plan. These female inmates threw a birthday party to a female prison inmate’s newborn baby.

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Female Prisoner was Pregnant when Jailed

According to reports, Maya Devi was lodged in prison when she was pregnant. Earlier on August 19, she welcomed a baby in the ‘jail hospital’, under the supervision of a jail medical officer. A week later, she and her newborn received a birthday party which was put together by other female inmates.

Despite the fact that these women are stuck in jail for the numerous crimes they share amongst themselves, they wanted to give the new mother a party so that she and her newborn would “feel like home”.

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What was the Birthday Party Like?

The birthday party included lots of singing of local folk songs by female inmates and some folk dances to welcome the baby and give it blessings. Further, the female inmates also decorated Maya Devi’s prison cell with garlands.

Like any other party, this one too didn’t end without exchange of gifts. The female inmates gifted the newborn toys, cradle, and some new clothes. Moreover, they also gifted the mother a new saree.

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New Mother Relieved Over Care She Received

According to a Deccan Herald report, the newborn’s mother never expected to be given such care in jail following the birth of her jail. Although she was worried about childbirth and what would be in store for her, seeing the response of the staff and inmates relieved her.

As per the same report, the superintendent of jail mentioned how special care is taken to make sure the basic rights of the prisoners remain unviolated.


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