A female Uber driver in the national capital was injured after two men attacked her with a beer bottle in order to rob her. The woman Uber driver in question was identified as 30-year-old Priyanka Devi who was driving near Kashmere Gate area where the incident took place. Priyanka had to endure the assault when she was driving sometime around 2.45 am to pick a passenger up, earlier on January 9.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, she said that she was driving towards the ISBT to pick up a passenger. Due to the dense fog, Priyanka chose to drive slowly while crossing the area. When she was barely 100 meters away from the passenger, two men ambushed her and broke the window of her vehicle with by pelting a stone. The impact of the throw was such that the shards of glass fell on her body and the stone hit her head.

Priyanka stepped out of the vehicle when the two attackers ambushed her and tried to rob whatever possessions she had. Somehow, she was able to snatch her phone back. When Priyanka started shouting to raise an alarm, the men attacked her with a beer bottle.

She sustained injuries on her neck and chest and got 10 stitches.

An FIR has been registered in the case.

The Facts of the Matter

A woman Uber driver was recently injured in Delhi after two men attacked her with beer bottle to rob her. The two attackers also broke the window of her car by pelting a stone, injuring her in the process. The horrific ordeal took place earlier on January 9, when 30-year-old Priyanka Yadav was driving to pick a passenger up sometime around 2.45 am.

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Woman Uber Driver was Going to Pick Up Passenger

In her interview with India Today, Priyanka said that she was driving near Kashmere Gate and going towards ISBT area to pick a passenger up. As there was dense fog, she chose to drive carefully and slowly. When she was barely 100 meters away from the passenger, two men lunged towards her car and attacked her.

Being Attacked by Two Robbers

The two men broke the window of her vehicle with a stone, and the impact of the pelting was such that the stone hit Priyanka’s head and injured her as the glass shards fell all over her body. Agitated by the attack, she stepped out of the vehicle to see her car’s condition when the two men ambushed her in a robbery bid.

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Getting Injured Due to Beer Bottle Attack

The men tried to snatch whatever money Priyanka had on her and even snatched her phone. Somehow Priyanka manage to snatch her phone back by force. When she tried to raise an alarm, the accused struck her with a beer bottle, due to which she received injuries on her chest and neck. She was also later given 10 stitches for her injury.

No Help in Sight, Cops Come 30 Minutes Later

While the accused fled the scene, Priyanka tried to press the emergency button on her Uber app, but no help came forward. She also tried to stop vehicles passing yet her efforts were in vain. She then pressed her neck with a cloth to prevent the bleeding and called the police.

The police arrived half an hour after the incident took place. She was rushed to a hospital in a van. Meanwhile, Priyanka said that as she was brought to home in an unconscious state, she couldn’t file a complaint. Meanwhile, police states that Priyanka herself refused to file a complaint, India Today reported.

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FIR Registered, No Statement from Uber

Meanwhile, the Kashmere Gate police station took cognizance of the matter and an FIR was registered under multiple sections of IPC including Section 393 (attempt to robbery).

So far, Uber has not released a statement in the matter.


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