In an event where fiction met reality, a man inspired by the film ‘Drishyam’, planned an attack on himself only to implicate his neighbour. The news comes from the national capital where a man was out on parole and had let a movie take control of his life. The police claimed that the man staged an attack on himself to implicate his neighbour, whose mother he had allegedly murdered.


Movies are a reflection to what goes in a society. But often, some people let their imagination run amok and wreak havoc in their own lives, and the people in their inner circle. A strange and horrifying instance of the notion came from the national capital where a man went to lengths to implicate his neighbour, and took a film as a reference point.

The Facts on the Matter

Out on bail Amar Pal lives in a locality that may sound like it has come straight from a film – Majnu ka Tikka. He is accused of killing his neighbour Ombir’s mother in 2019. Serving more than 2 years for his crime in jail, he was out on bail on May 29th 2021 on an interim bail for a period of 60 days.

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Pal tries to exact Revenge

After being released on bail, Pal took to the family of his victim who were the witness in the murder case against him. After failing to pressurize the family, he advanced on creating a plot with Guddu, his brother, and Anil, his cousin. Their plan was simple, incriminating Ombir and his family for launching an attack on him.

Accused and Co-conspirators Watch ‘Drishyam’

The accused went far enough to even make his cousin and brother watch ‘Drishyam’. From the film, the accused and his accomplices decided to recreate a scene and form false witnesses that would claim that Ombir had shot him.

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The Group gets Pistol & Cartridges

Pal, his brother and his cousin started spreading the false narrative of Ombir family threatening Pal and claimed that they were doing so to exact a revenge on him. With his limited sources, Pal somehow got his hands on a locally made pistol. Further, making sure that an attack on him isn’t life-threatening, he sourced cartridges with pellets.

One More Person Added in the Group

Meanwhile, the number of accomplices in the plan also increased. Pal’s cousin Anil, who was part of the plan from the beginning brought Manish, his brother-in-law. According to the police, it was decided between the group that Pal’s cousin will fire shot at the former and the blame will be shifted to Ombir and his family members.

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Location of Execution Decided

The group decided to execute their plan on the Khyber Pass in the national capital. This locality was chosen by Pal as he was a regular visitor there and also had friends who Pal thought would support his false narrative. On June 29th, Pal reached the decided location and formed an alibi by interacting with people. He also lied to the people and claimed that that he was being followed.

Plan Swings into Motion

The plan swung into motion with Pal calling his brother Guddu to start the plan. Following the plan to the T, Anil shot at Pal and fled with Pal’s brother Guddu and Anil’s brother-in-law Manish. Meanwhile, in an injured state, Pal reached his friend’s place and told that it was Ombir and his family who attacked him.

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DCP Cracks Open the Case

Soon, Anto Alphonse, DCP North, cracked open the case and formed a team to carry out the investigation. On July 2, during the preliminary investigation, Pal’s family members gave false statement to the police and said that they suspected Ombir’s and his family for the attack.

Truth is Finally Revealed

However, the police were able to figure out inconsistencies in each family members’ statements. Moreover, the police also got a tip-off and acting on it, they took Pal’s cousin Anil into custody. After getting caught, Anil tried to evade the police during the interrogation. However, later he revealed how Pal had hatched a conspiracy inspired by Drishyam.

The police also extracted the locally sourced gun from him and currently the search for Guddu and Manish is on. Meanwhile, Pal, the primary conspirator in this plan, is undergoing treatment.