In a blood-curdling incident reported from Firozabad, a man ended up killing a minor girl, buried her to hide his relationship from his wife, only to have the body of the minor be recovered two years later. According to reports, the accused took support of his family members to allegedly kill the 16-year-old minor and buried her inside a room of his house.

The accused in the matter has been identified as 25-year-old Gaurav Singh. Gaurav had been on the run with his family after an FIR was filed based on a complaint by the minor’s mother. The matter came to the fore only after the Firozabad SSP Ashish Tiwari took cognizance of a pending case, and directed cops to arrest the accused.

Earlier last week on Saturday, the accused and his father Chandrabhan were arrested. After being arrested, the accused confessed killing the 16-year-old minor and based on confession, the police searched for the victim’s body in the accused’s home. The minor’s skeleton was found after the police dug one of the rooms in the house in Firozabad’s Kithoth village.

During interrogation, the accused also told police that he got into a relationship with the minor when he started teaching her how to ride a two-wheeler. He also alleged that it was the victim who had been “pressuring” him to marry her.

The Facts of the Matter

As per National Crime Records Bureau’s 2021 report, India registered as many as 31,677 cases of rapes against women, with an average 86 cases daily. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh reported the most number of crimes against women cases at 56,083 cases. That is over 153 such cases every day on an average.

Another harrowing incident of crime against woman has been reported form Uttar Pradesm – this time from Firozabad. In Firozabad, a man ended up murdering is 16-year-old minor girlfriend, and buried her body in a room at his house.

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Firozabad SSP Takes Pending Case

The matter would’ve not come to the fore had it not been for Firozabad SSP Ashish Tiwari, who took cognizance of a pending case. The pending case was that of now 25-year-old Gaurav Singh, who was charged with kidnapping.

The SSP directed cops to arrest the accused as soon as they can. Earlier on Saturday last week, Gaurav and his father Chandrabahan, were arrested. Following their arrest, they confessed to killing a 16-year-old minor, who was Gaurav’s “girlfriend”.

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Victim’s Skeleton Recovered

Based on the accused’s confession, a team of police reached his home and dug one of his rooms where they found the skeleton of the minor girl. According to Firozabad ASP Ranvijay Singh, the accused, his parents, and his two brothers, conspired to kill the minor.

The Horrific Crime & Aftermath

Earlier in November 2020, the accused got her to his home. At the home, the accused and his family members strangled the victim. To get rid of the body, the accused’s family dug one of the rooms, and threw the body deep in the hole.

They later levelled the room’s floor and further covered it with wheat husk. On November 23, 2020, the minor’s family filed a complaint against the accused and his family, based on which an FIR was filed. The accused, who were booked for kidnapping, fled the village.

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Changing Locations, Finally Getting Caught

Since then, the accused had been changing locations in order to keep evading the cops. Gaurav, his father, and his two brothers worked in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi as labourers. After the police took cognizance of the pending case, dedicated efforts were made for over a month to nab the accused.

The accused meanwhile told police that he got into a relationship with the minor victim when he was teaching her to drive a two-wheeler. Further, he also alleged that it was the minor victim who was forcing him to marry her.


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