A little girl’s reaction on seeing pilot father on the same flight is awwdorable. “First flight with papa”, read the caption of an Instagram video that showed the little girl taking small steps as she made her way through to her GoAir flight. As the girl sits on her designated seat, she turns around and sees her father who’s actually the pilot on the flight. Both daughter and father grin ear-to-ear and wave each other. The reaction by the father-daughter duo is winning the internet with netizens going gaga over the cuteness of the child.


Father and daughter share a bond unlike any and unmatched to most. A father holds the hand of her little daughter as she grows and teaches her on how to be brave, graceful and truthful. The daughter meanwhile walks on the footsteps of her father and blooms into a beautiful woman. From television shows to films to YouTube sketches, this bond is shown in detail.

Recently, a cute video of a girl’s reaction on seeing her father has gone viral all over the internet. The reaction caught the eyes of the public and has since been covered by major news publications.

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The Facts of the Matter

We all get elated when we meet a relative or a friend during a flight. With gleaming eyes, we meet them and feel connected as we travel for miles. But what happens when someone sees their father as the pilot on the same flight? Surely the reaction they have must be worthy of going viral.

Who is Shanaya Motihar – the Little Girl Getting all the Love?

When little Shanaya Motihar was toddling towards her flight, she was in for a surprise. Her reaction on seeing her father on the flight as the pilot was caught by her mom, Priyanka Manohat. Priyanka also manages little Shanaya’s Instagram account and shared her daughter’s epic reaction on her Instagram page.

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What Does the Video Show?

The Instagram clip featured Shanaya excitedly toddling towards her flight. After getting settled in on her designated seat, Shanaya turns around and soon her eyes light up. She sees her father dressed in the pilot’s uniform with classy pair of sunglasses covering his eyes.

Little Shanaya shouts out “Papa” waving her little hands looking at her pilot father. Meanwhile, her father too responds back by waving at her and having an ear-to-ear smile. Shanaya’s mother Priyanka meanwhile chimes in and asks her, “Are you happy to see your father?”

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“My First Flight with Papa”: Adorable Caption Wins Internet’s Heart

“My first flight with papa.. He flew me to Delhi. I was very excited to see him… it was my best flight till now. Love you Papa,” read the caption of the video.

The video has since amassed over 9000 likes and has been viewed over 1.5 million times on Instagram. Instagrammers expressed their adoration towards the little girl in the comments section with heart emojis.

An Instagram user wrote, “This is so adorable,” while other added, “I can see the proud papa bears big grin from ear to ear. Probably his best flight too.”

Watch Little Shanaya’s Reaction on Seeing her Pilot Father

Portuguese Father Beatboxes, Little Daughter Reacts

Earlier this year, another reaction of a little girl seeing her father’s talent went viral. The Portuguese father-daughter duo won the hearts of netizens with over a 46 million playbacks. In the video a daughter was stunned as her father beatboxed. The little girl gave several reactions in a small video, making the video heartwarming.


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