We all are struggling our way up to meet our dreams of life. However, many of us are not satisfied and have either lost hope is about to lose hope with our current jobs. However, looking at the stories of these 10 successful and richest individuals from across the world will give you a motivation that you’ve needed for long and will tell you that your current job is not the deciding factor of your future.

1. Jeff Bezos
First Job: Counter Handling Guy at McDonald’s, Fast Food Chain in teenage years
Current Job: Founder & CEO of Amazon & Blue Origin, World’s Richest Man

2. Michael Dell
First Job: Dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant at 12 years of age.
Current Job: Founder of US Tech Giant Company, Dell 

3. Richard Branson
First Job: Started a Magazine at 16 years of age called “Student Magazine”, launched in 1966
Current Job: Owner of the Virgin group of companies

4. Evan Spiegal
First Job: Unpaid Intern at Redbull, the famous energy drink company
Current Job: Founder of Snapchat

5. Travis Kalanick
First Job: A Door to door salesman.
Current Job: Founder of UBER

6. Elon Musk 
First Job: Sold codes for Blastard, a video game at 12 years of age.
Current Job: CEO & Founder of Tesla & SpaceX

7. Jack Dorsey
First Job: Hacked into the server of a software company to get employed as a software professional in the company.
Current Job: CEO of Twitter

8. Larry Ellison
First Job: Computer Programmer in a firm. Also worked for Amdahl Corporation and Ampex corporation building databases.
Current Job: Co-founder of Oracle.

9. Kevin Systrom
First Job: Clerk in a record store
Current Job: Co-founder of Instagram and a tech-leader.

10. Eric Schmidt
First Job: Worked at Zilog, a company that made chips for Nintendo and Sega consoles.

Current Job: Past CEO and a Key-man at Google