Recently on Social media a five-year-old boy has gone viral for raising awareness in public for wearing the mask properly.  And now the boy named Amit has been assigned as a police mascot and he is constantly getting praised for raising awareness by the netizens.

About Amit, and the video which went viral

Five-year-old Amit, who sells balloons to supplement his parents’ income, was seen barefoot on the streets of Bhagsunag near McLodganj asking people to wear a mask. His video was shared on the Instagram page, Dharmshalalocal, and was widely circulated.

Amit recently appeared in a video where he was seen holding a plastic stick with which he poked everyone who passed him by and asked, “Tumhara mask kaha hai?” (Where is your mask?) But unsurprisingly, no one paid much attention to him. The video was shared on the Instagram page, but was soon circulated at every social media platform.

The caption to the post read that, “This little kid was seen on the streets on Dharamshala asking people to wear a mask. He doesn’t even have shoes to wear. See the smirking faces of these people. Who is educated and who is uneducated here?” The boy innocently said that, “I would see policemen asking people use a mask. So, I thought I should also do it, as people were not following protocol.”

‘Dharmshalalocal’ and soon became viral, check the video here

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Police honoured Amit, and he is now a local mascot

Following Amit going viral, the local police honoured Amit by presenting him with a Pahari cap and snacks as a token of appreciation. Abhay Karki, who runs the Instagram page Dharmshalalocal, told in a recent interview that-

“An elderly couple gifted him clothes while many want to fund his education, and also said that they will speak to his parent once they return since they are currently out of town.”

Kangra senior superintendent of police (SSP) Vimukt Ranjan said that the situation in the hill state was alarming as tourists were not following COVID-19 norms.

“I have directed that police assistance rooms be set up at McLeodganj and Bhasunag to tackle the massive tourist influx. We will impose heavy penalties on those not following the norms.”

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Present Situation of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is witnessing a huge surge in the arrival of tourists following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Most of the tourists are not following the COVID-19 protocol during their stay in the state resulted in the Central Government writing to the State Government of Himachal Pradesh to not let their security and protocol to let down.

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Security in Manali has been increased while the police are keeping a watch for strict implementation of COVID-19 guidelines among tourists. The police have issued 308 challans, with fines totalling a whopping Rs 2.77 lakh in Manali between June 27 and July 6.