In a Flipkart fail, a customer ordered an iPhone one of the Big Billion Days and ended up receiving a soap bar. Both Amazon and Flipkart are having their pre-Diwali sale with different names. Both the websites are featuring electronics and other category of products at lucrative prices. Attracted by the lucrative price on one of the most high-value phones in the market, a man received the shock of his life when he opened the package and saw bars of soap waiting for him.


The E-Commerce market has transformed how shopping is done in India. From the customer’s perspective, it’s the ease of ordering things on one click, and returning the same with no hassles. For bigger brands, they enjoy constant traffic on their platforms thanks to sales and discount. It’s reported that the Indian e-commerce sector is expected to touch $111.40 billion by 2025 from $46.2 billion of 2020.

While the business is booming, at times customers are on the receiving end of scams, cheating and fraud. Recently a customer faced something similar on Flipkart, India’s own competitor to Amazon.

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The Facts of the Matter

A discount on an expensive product is like a breath of fresh air for any budget conscious India. And if the product is the top-of-the line Apple iPhone, then the excitement and the desperation to steal the deal is tenfold.

Recently, a person ordered an iPhone 12 from Flipkart during its Big Billion Sale – a promotional sale where slew of products are on lucrative discounts. However, much to his surprise, his excitement fizzled out when he opened the box and saw two bars of soap instead of a shining new iPhone.

The person who got scammed is Mr. Simranpal Singh. Taking to his own blog GoAndroid, he shared his whole experience. From being shocked after receiving soap bars, to reaching out to customer care, Mr. Singh shared the hassle and gave insights on the matter.

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Customer Opted for “Open Box Delivery” Option

According to Mr. Singh, he had opted for the ‘Open Box Option’ delivery. It is an initiative by Flipkart where the customers can first open their package and then share the OTP with the delivery partner. On October 4, when Mr. Singh met the delivery agent, he asked him to open the box.

Customer Records Video of Package with Soap Bars

A cautious man, Mr. Singh also shot a video of the delivery agent opening the box. The video clearly showed that as the box opened, 2 soap bars sat neatly where a box of iPhone 11 was supposed to be. Mr. Singh then claimed that he marked the whole thing as a ‘failed delivery’, and immediately reached to Flipkart support.

The support team told him that the item he had ordered is still ‘out for delivery’. They also promised to call him back.

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Delivery Agent Continues Calling for OTP, Matter Escalated

However, the plot thickened when Mr. Singh received multiple calls from the delivery agent who requested for OTP to mark the delivery successful. The aggrieved customer then asked the matter to be escalated.

After he escalated the matter, he was told by the support at Flipkart to not divulge any OTP or relevant details to the delivery agent. They also claimed that his money was safe and that they had received multiple calls like that during the sale.

Soon, the order was cancelled by Flipkart and the money refund process was initiated.

“Cautiousness Helped Me”: Order Cancelled, Money Refunded

In his blog, Mr. Singh asked everyone to choose ‘Open Box Delivery’ option and stay vigilant. “My cautiousness helped me to get rid of this chaotic situation. The issue was resolved by the Flipkart Support team and the whole amount was refunded within the span of 4-5 days. However, not everyone would be as lucky as me. So always make sure to record video and opt for Open Box Delivery* while ordering any expensive item from e-commerce websites like Flipkart,” he wrote.