A Florida-based young teen recently made headlines for reportedly fighting off a shark during a vicious attack. 13-year-old Ella Reed emerged victorious from a harrowing encounter, after punching a shark to somehow be able to survive the attack, which left her injured, but empowered.

It was a serene day on the Fort Pierce beach, with Ella peacefully enjoying the shallow waters near a jetty. Little did she know that danger lurked beneath the surface, poised to disrupt her tranquil escapade. Without warning, a searing pain jolted through Ella’s side, thrusting her into a sudden confrontation with a shark!

The powerful beast struck her stomach forcefully. But Ella’s determination burned bright, fueling her remarkable resilience. Summoning every ounce of courage, she fought back with a series of punches, briefly compelling the predator to retreat.

However, before Ella could make sense of things, the shark resurfaced, and sank its razor-sharp teeth into her vulnerable flesh, leaving a series of wounds across her stomach, arm, finger, and knee.

Fortunately, Ella saved herself from further attacks, and was rushed to the medics, where she received 19 stitches.

While such an incident could have made seasoned adults and swimmers not take to waters again, Ella remains undeterred, and plans on returning after she recovers.

The Facts of the Matter

A tranquil afternoon at Florida’s Fort Pierce Beach took a terrifying turn when thirteen-year-old Ella Reed found herself in a heart-pounding struggle against a formidable predator. Displaying remarkable bravery and unwavering determination, she fought tooth and nail to protect herself from the relentless advances of a fearsome shark.


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Ella Confronts Worst Fear – Gets Attack by Shark

Nestled near a jetty, Ella was enjoying the shallow waters when an agonizing jolt of pain shot through her side, catapulting her into a frantic face-off with a creature she never expected to encounter.

Refusing to succumb to fear, Ella summoned every ounce of her strength and retaliated with a flurry of punches, forcing the creature to momentarily retreat. However, the tenacious shark quickly regrouped, refusing to relent in.

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Teen Doesn’t Give Up, Shields Self

With remarkable calmness, Ella defended herself by shielding her body with her arm and hand, sustaining injuries to her limbs in the process.

In a desperate plea for assistance, Ella cried out for her mother and brother, who were nearby on the beach. Bloodied and shaken, she emerged from the water. The encounter left Ella with wounds on her stomach, arm, finger, and knee, each a testament to her valiant fight. Remarkably, the surge of adrenaline coursing through her veins helped to dull the immediate pain, she said.

“It went straight to me and got my stomach first, and I tried blocking it with my arm and my hand and it kind of slipped in and got my finger and my arm and it swooped around and got my leg again. It didn’t really hurt at first because of all the adrenaline. … We were so shocked,” she was quoted saying.

Receiving 19 Stitches

Escorted by a friend on a golf cart, Ella was swiftly transported to a nearby fire station. Her mother, Devin Reed, initially thought it was a prank, but as the severity of the situation became apparent, she assumed a role of quick action and support. Meanwhile, Ella Received 19 stitches on her injured body.

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Still Determined to Return to Ocean

Although Ella’s path to recovery would be marked by scars, she regarded them with pride, symbols of her indomitable spirit. Undeterred by the harrowing incident, she expressed her unwavering determination to return to the ocean once her stitches were removed.


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