Chandrababu Naidu, former Andhra CM recently broke down after enduring abusive remarks made on his wife and took a vow to re-enter Assembly when he comes back to power. “I have been bearing the insults for the sake of people but remained calm. Today, they have targeted even my wife. I always lived with honour and for honour. I can take it no more,” the Andhra Pradesh leader of opposition said, alleging the current YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government casting slurs on him

Later, when his mike was cut off, he held an impromptu meeting and reportedly broke down in tears. The entire incident happened in the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly when the two sides were discussing matters pertaining to farm sector.


The Indian parliament and the state legislative assemblies across India have witnessed some hair-raising speeches, glorious discussions, and at times, some dramatic incidents. The houses host political leaders from multiple parties as they discuss upcoming laws, budgetary reforms, and ask questions pertaining to state and national welfare. The houses also witness some dramatic moments filled with emotions.

Earlier this year, Indian Vice President and Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu had an emotional outburst where he gave a tearful speech. The political leader labelled the ruckus created by the opposition as sacrilege.

Meanwhile, former Andhra Pradesh CM too had an emotional outburst after allegedly receiving slurs from opposition.

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The Facts of the Matter

A sobbing elderly man is not a pretty sight. A sobbing elderly political leader who was once responsible for the welfare of his state is deplorable. Former Andhra Pradesh CM N. Chandrababu Naidu on Friday took a tearful vow in which he said that he will only step into the Andhra legislative assembly when he returns into power.

Chandrababu’s Mike Cut Off

The political veteran, who was known for not let his emotions get better of him, alleged that the current Jagan Mohan Reddy party has been throwing slurs at him since the better past of two years. As he continued to give his speech in the assembly, his mike was cut off. Further, the members of the ruling party called Chandrababu’s outburst a ‘drama’.

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“They Insulted My Wife”: Former Andhra CM Triggered

The former Andhra CM also claimed that the current ruling party leaders had made remarks and allegations against his wife. While speaking to the reporters, Mr. Naidu was quoted saying, “I’ve never experienced such pain in my long political life. So far, I’ve tolerated many insults in the assembly for the sake of the people. But they (YSRC) insulted my wife who sacrificed many things in her life to encourage my public service.”

“Drama Was Visible to All”: Jagan Mohan Reddy

Meanwhile, current Andhra CM claimed that the opposition leader’s words were just “drama”. A report from Deccan Chronicle quoted Mr. Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy saying, “Chandrababu only seeks to derive political mileage out of everything. It is very unfortunate. His drama was visible to all eyes, though I was not inside the House at the time.”

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“Chandrababu Spoke About My Family Members”: CM Reddy

He further refuted to the allegations made by former CM and claimed that his party member did not speak anything about the opposition’s family members. Moreover, the CM alleged that it was Mr. Chandrababu who spoke about his family members before

“It was Chandrababu himself who spoke about my family members, and there was no reference to his family from our side. The House records clearly prove that.”