In a tragic incident, the former Miss Kerala Ancy Kabeer and the competition runner-up Anjana Shajan were killed in a road accident in Kochi, Kerala. According to reports, the two women were good friends and were out on the Vyttila-Palarivattom National Highway Bypass when a motorcycle hit their car. Reportedly, both of the passengers in the car died on the spot after hitting the two-wheeler and subsequently ramming the car on a tree. The two women were accompanied by two men whose condition remain critical. Meanwhile, the two-wheeler driver was bruised up after the incident.

Ancy Kabeer’s mother tried committing suicide after hearing the devastating news of her daughter’s death in the accident.


God’s own country Kerala is riddled with picturesque mountains, beaches and valleys. The hot tropical weather and the breeze emerging from nearby beaches make the state immensely popular among vacationers. However, for its own residents, the state has been registering several thousand cases of accidents every year.

According to a Union Ministry of Transport report, Kerala was fourth on the list of states with highest number of road accidents reported in 2019. From 2015-2018, Kerala ranked fifth among the states with highest road accidents reported.

Interestingly, in 2019, Kerala was the only state among all the states which showed an increase in road accidents while other states reported a significant dip in accidents. Kerala was trailing behind Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in the list.  Meanwhile, Kerala also ranks 16th in the highest number of road accident deaths from states as per the 2019 report.

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The Facts of the Matter

Former Miss Kerala Ancy Kabeer and the runner-up from the same competition Anjana Shahjan were killed in Kochi in a road accident. Reportedly, the two women were accompanied by two men who were also left injured as the consequence of the accident.

How the Brutal Accident Happened

It should be noted that Ancy and Anjana and two other passengers were driving in Vytilla near Kochi in Kerala. Out of nowhere, a motorcyclist emerged and the car that carried the two Miss Kerala competitors had to swerve to avoid hitting the man. Unfortunately, due to loss of control the car ended up hitting the two-wheeler and rammed a tree.

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What the Police Says

A police official was quoted by Press Trust of India saying, “One another person who was with them in the car is admitted to a nearby hospital and his condition is serious. He hails from Mala in Thrissur”. The injured man was reportedly hospitalized in Ernakulam. Meanwhile, the condition of the fourth passenger is being reported to be stable.

More About Ancy Kabeer and Anjana Shajan

25-year-old Ancy and 26-year-old Anjana became friends after both of them took part in the Miss Kerala beauty pageant in 2019. Ancy was an Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram resident while Anjana was a Thrissur resident.

According to a report, Ancy was a model by profession and was also the first runner-up in both Lulu Beauty Contest and Miss Malabar. An engineering graduate, Ancy was always passionate about modelling. Meanwhile, her friend Anjana was an Ayurveda doctor by profession. She had no prior experience in modelling and happened to become the runner-up by fate.

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Miss Kerala Winner Ancy’s Mother Tries Committing Suicide

After a few hours of the news of Ancy’s death started making the buzz, it was reported that her mother also tried commiting suicide. According to a Keralakaumudi report, Ancy’s mother Razeena was rushed to the KIMS (The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences) Hospital after she tried killing herself by consuming poison. Reportedly, 25-year-old Ancy was the only daughter of her parents.