You might be wondering what this is not at all possible. How can someone become a billionaire with so less money? Yes, it’s not that easy. You need to be consistent, patient, be hardworking, make savings and smart investments. But if you are able to crack all that struggle you will definitely be a millionaire with even a dollar.

Grant Sabatier, founder of Millennial Money blog. But his story did not start when he became a blogger. It starts way back than that. Sabatier is a digital content & marketing enthusiast and knew he had to make a career in that field only. Initially, he had only $500 with him. He started his work by managing google ads of his clients, which helped him earn a 15% to 20% margin out of someone’s marketing budget. After some time, he went on to start building, developing and managing WordPress websites for law firms.

But after a doing good chunk of management work for his law clients, he cracked a deal which yielded him $50,000. From all this money, he planned and started his own digital marketing agency. However, after working on it for a while, he felt that he should concentrate more on his blog & other ventures. So, he abandoned his agency and started working on his own blog.

With his blog, ‘Millenial Money’ he tried to influence and help others to walk the path, which he was following to earn the money. His blog was focused to provide information to people on how to become a good entrepreneur, how to effectively finance yourself and how to invest your money. For three years full of hard work, he concentrated on his blog only. And indeed his hard work did pay off. He was able to make over $4,000,000 in his past years of blogging.

Bond tells that the main source of his wealth is investments. He is of the view that it is very important to understand that growing wealth is easy if you make the right kind of investment choices. Your investment should be able to help you make more income. He himself saved and invested around 80 to 100%of his income in basic investments like stocks, bonds, shares, real estate etc.

Grant has also written a book ‘Financial Freedom’ in which he has shared his knowledge on how to earn money. He suggests that we should optimize our part-time jobs along with a good bit of side hustle. You need to learn to reinvest effectively. 

The steps of becoming a millionaire can be narrowed down like this:

1. Figure out to decide the amount of money that you want to be financially free for life.

2. Set the time for yourself in which you plan to reach your goal.

3. Save as much money as you can. If your savings are not sufficient to make your plan a success, you need to cut off on your living expenditure including housing, transportation and food.

4. Now, if you think that even cutting on your expenditure is not enough, start to look for side hustles.

5. Go for multiple side hustles when one side hustle still falls short to make it count. Grant himself was into multiple side hustles which have brought him here today.

6. The last but the most important point is to invest the saved income. Don’t go for fancy things, just make basic investments like retirement plans, brokerage accounts, and index funds and stocks.

Grant’s book is a perfect guide to help you make as much money as possible in the minimum possible time. Grant Sabatier is a magnificent example of how to make money. His principles apply to everyone who has dreams like him.

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