In a unique husband to homeless scenario, a wife who is not prepared to give up her pet dog, has put her husband on adoption as he is allergic to the doggo!

In a classic case of man versus beast, a wife has chosen her furry friend over her own husband. Despite her spouse’s severe dog allergy, she adamantly refused to part with her beloved pooch. Desperate for a solution, she ultimately decided to put one of them up for adoption. And no, it wasn’t the dog.

According to a Twitter user who shared this hilarious story, Sonali, a dog-loving wife, recently purchased a cute little German Shepherd pup for Rs 20,000 as a surprise gift for her hubby Gaurav. But the surprise quickly turned sour when she discovered Gaurav’s allergy to dogs. And what did she do? Give up her furry friend? Of course not! Instead, she decided to find a new home for her husband.

In a tweet, the unique situation was explained, and if that wasn’t enough, the tweet added that Gaurav, the discarded husband, is an eligible bachelor. So, if anyone out there is interested in taking him home, he’s 29, rides a bike, can cook up a storm, and is handsome.

The Facts of the Matter

In a bizarre twist of fate, a wife has put her husband up for adoption after he developed an unfortunate allergy to her beloved pooch. Despite the poor man suffering from a severe reaction to their furry friend, his spouse was unwilling to part with her four-legged companion.

So, in a move that left many people scratching their heads, she decided to give up her human husband instead!

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Woman Gets German Shepard, Finds Out About Husband’s Allergy

The humorous story, which was shared on Twitter, tells of how Sonali purchased a cute little German Shepherd as a surprise present for Gaurav, only to discover that he couldn’t be within a sniff of the dog without breaking out in allergic reaction. In a unique case of dog versus spouse, the wife opted to let her husband find a new home while the pup stayed put.

The situation is certainly unique, and it’s hard to say who got the short end of the stick – the husband who’s been ousted from his own home, or the German Shephard who unwittingly caused such a ruckus.

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“Drives a bike, can cook..”: Husband on Sale

“Needs a home urgently. If anyone’s interested This is Leo – a two months old German shepherd. My friend Sonali bought him for ₹20000/-. She wanted to give a surprise gift to her husband. But she came to know that her husband Gaurav is alergic to dogs. Sonali is now looking for a new home for him.  If anyone is interested, *Gaurav is 29 year old*, drives a bike, can cook, has sharp features, and is reasonably handsome,” a Twitter user wrote.

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Netizens Remain Baffled at Wife’s Shocking Move

It begs the question: is it ever okay to choose an animal over a human? While some may argue that a pet is a valued member of the family, others would argue that spouses should take priority. Regardless of which side you fall on, there’s no denying that this bizarre story has captured the attention of many and is sure to be a talking point for some time to come.


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