The new life of Afghan minister Syed Ahmad Sadat amid the Taliban fear has turned him from IT Minister to pizza delivery boy.

Rags to riches stories, like that of a tea seller becoming a prominent political leader of a country, are often made a reference to. However, the story of Syed Ahmad Sadat – who’s also an Oxford University alumnus, are not spoken about much.

Leaving President Ghani’s administration in 2020, Sadat took respite in the streets of Germany.


Amid the current Afghanistan crisis, where the landlocked country is now in the control of Taliban, a story has emerged. It is the story of how a political leader from the war-torn country is now living his days after resigning from his lucrative position.

Meet Afghan Minister Turned Pizza Delivery Person

Former IT Minister of Afghanistan Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat is currently working in Lepzig, Germany as a pizza delivery person. The news was shared by Al-Jazeera on Twitter where the news platform shared pictures of the former IT minister on his cycle with a delivery box strapped to his back.

Became Delivery Person after Running Out of Money

After the pictures started making the rounds on the internet, Sky News approached Sadat and confirmed the news. According to the reports, Sadat is currently working for Livrando, a German food delivery company. He took the step of working as a humble delivery person after he ran out of money in the years he spent in Germany.

The Way He Tells the Story

While most high-profile persons would shy away from talking about such developments from their life, Sadat is cut out different. He told Sky News that him working as a normal employee will be the “catalyst” which will bring about a change the way high-profile individuals go on about their lives in Arab countries.

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The Filmy Story of Syed Ahmad Sadat

Once looked into deeper, one would see how Sadat’s life can be turned into a gripping TV series or a film. After serving 2 years (2018-2020) in the Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet as the country’s IT minister, Sadat exited due to certain differences between the President and him. He subsequently left Afghanistan and went to Germany in 2020.

What makes Sadat’s life interesting is that fact that he not only served as a high-profile diplomat of a country, but has also got a prolific academic background and decades of professional experience. An Oxford University alumnus, he holds 2 Master’s degree – one in communications and other in electronic engineering.

Prolific Academic & Professional Experience

Further, on the basis of his degree, he got to work for over 20 telecommunication countries in the course of 23 years across 13 countries. This includes the Saudi Telecom Company, Aramco and more. For Aramco Telecom, he served as the company’s CEO in London back in 2016 and served till 2017.

Moreover, he also worked in the Afghanistan Communication and Information Technology Ministry before heading it (2005-2013).

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Sadat’s View on the Current Afghan Crisis

The entire globe is currently keeping its eyes at the ongoing Afghanistan crisis. On August 15, as India celebrated its Independence, the Taliban raised its flag at the Afghan capital Kabul. President Ghani, who had earlier given an assuring address to his countrymen, fled the country.

In his interview with Sky News, Sadat also gave his insight into the ongoing crisis and claimed that he was not expecting the Afghan government to fall as swiftly as it did.