From working as a sweeper to achieving the post of AGM at India’s one of the largest banks SBI, Pratiksha Tondwalkar’s journey is incredible and encouraging for everyone. Pratiksha’s journey is exceptional in India’s overwhelmingly male-dominated banking business. Women, who are typically socially restricted, have had to go the extra mile to progress their careers while still catering to their families. Pratiksha was also awarded by the State Bank of India for her outstanding feat as a result of her dedication, passion, and honest effort.


Pratiksha, who was born in Pune, hailed from a low-income background. Because she came from a poor background, she was unable to extend her education and was married off at the age of 17. She moved to Mumbai with her husband, Sadashiv Kadu. Kadu was employed as a bookbinder at the SBI branch in Mumbai. Following the birth of their first child, the pair decided to seek the almighty’s blessings by traveling to their hometown.

The journey proved to be a tragic event in Pratiksha’s life. Kadu died in an accident while traveling. Pratiksha, who was widowed at a very young age of 20, was left to look after her child solely. Pratiksha worked a series of odd jobs to feed her family. She subsequently obtained a job as a sweeper at the same bank where her husband was previously employed. She worked for 2 hours in the morning cleaning the restrooms, dusting the furniture, and mopping the SBI branch’s property, earning approximately Rs. 60-65 per month. She gradually completed her degree and pursued her studies. She was promoted from sweeper to clerk after demonstrating her perseverance and devotion, but the method did not slow down there. She was eventually promoted to scale 4, CGM, and lastly AGM.

Pratiksha Fights Back for her Dreams

Instead of permitting the tedium to shatter her enthusiasm, Pratiksha found her passion revived by observing other individuals with well-paying jobs. She opted to disregard all society’s expectations of her and began striving for her dream. Her employment as a bank sweeper just spurred her dreams. During this time, she didn’t make much money.

Her relatives and co-workers backed her in gathering books for her studies, and she passed the class 10 exams due to her persistent efforts. She wanted to pursue a high-paying profession, but it needed a minimum of a 12th standard. Pratiksha enrolled in a night college in Mumbai’s Vikhroli, completed her class 12th exams, and specialized in Psychology at another night college. She was upgraded to the job of a clerk at the bank. Pratiksha began as a trainee officer in 2004, advanced through the tiers of officers, and was finally upgraded to AGM in June 2022.

Pratiksha’s Second Marriage

In 1993, Pratiksha married Pramod Tondwalkar, a bank messenger who pushed her to attempt the banking exam. Pramod was very encouraging and aided Pratiksha’s goal of making a respectable life for herself. It was liberating to discover a helpful partner who assisted with housework and childcare.

Pratiksha’s Future Plans

Pratiksha will retire in 2 years following years of dexterity and determination. However, this isn’t the stop for her as she plans to pursue a career in naturopathy, for which she also obtained a degree in 2021 and intends to use the insights she received from the course to help people.


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