Frustrated over non-payment of over Rs 2 lakhs in dues, a man in Noida reportedly set a Mercedes car on fire. According to reports, the incident was reported from Noida’s Sadarpur colony and occurred earlier on Monday. The accused is allegedly a tile vendor who was miffed at the non-payment of his dues and decided to take revenge on the person who owed him the money.

The accused in the matter was identified as Ranveer whereas the owner of the Mercedes is identified as Ayush Chauhan. Ranveer is a resident of Roza Jalalpur village and hails from Bihar. As per reports, the accused had got tiles installed in Ayush Chauhan’s place, for which Chauhan owed him a sum of over Rs 2 lakhs.

After repeatedly asking for the payment, and being refused repeatedly, the accused was left enraged. On Monday, the accused poured petrol on the hood of Chauhan’s luxury car and set it on fire. While the fire eventually got extinguished on its own, the accused was caught on CCTV camera, and was later arrested.

Social media has been flooded with video of the incident, where Ranveer can be seen pouring petrol on the hood of the Mercedes, setting it on fire, and then fleeing the scene.

The Facts of the Matter

While revenge is often touted as a dish best served cold, a man in Noida served it boiling hot after he set a Mercedes on fire as a revenge of a non-payment. The incident occurred earlier on Monday at Sadarpur colony.

The accused in the matter was identified as Ranveer, a Roza Jalalpur village. Ranveer had come to Noida from Bihar in search of work. He made living as a mason in the city. According to police, Ranveer had worked for one Ayush Chauhan, and was upset over not receiving the full payment of a job he had done.

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Accused was Still Owed Rs 2 Lakhs

According to reports, Ranveer had installed pipes and tiles at Ayush’s residence and had done job worth Rs 5 lakhs. Reportedly, Ranveer had only been paid in parts, and was still owed over Rs 2 lakhs. Ayush was refusing to pay the remaining amount, Ranveer alleged after his arrest.

CCTV Footage

Upset over the same, Ranveer set Ayush’s Mercedes on fire. Ranveer was caught on CCTV committing the crime. In the CCTV footage, Ranveer can be seen on a motorcycle wearing a helmet. He parks his motorcycle ahead of a Mercedes and rushes towards it briskly.

He pours an inflammable liquid on the car’s hood and sets it on fire, and flees the scene before getting busted.

Watch the Video here

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Accused Arrested

Following the incident, Ayush Chauhan filed a complaint with the Sector 39 police station. The investigation kicked off and the accused was soon identified thanks to the CCTV footage.

“The complainant identified the suspect through the footage. He took the CCTV footage and submitted it to a car showroom for the insurance claim. It is suspected that the video was leaked from there after which it went viral on social media,” assistant police commissioner Rajneesh Verma was quoted in a Hindustan Times report.

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Man Denies Pending Dues

According to reports, Ranveer was arrested days after committing the crime. He is booked under Section 435 (mischief by fire with intent to cause damage). He will now be produced in the court and sent to judicial custody. Meanwhile, Ayush Chauhan, the owner of the Mercedes, denied all the claims of pending dues.


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