In a moment of chaos followed by hilarity, a TV news debate panelist broke into a dance after being frustrated over getting a chance to speak. In the past few years, television news debates have turned into shouting matches where only the loudest are able to get their point across. Moreover, in certain prime time television news debates, if a panelist comes with an opposing point of view, the anchors don’t let them share the same, or worse, demean them. The news panelist, identified as Roshni Ali expressed her frustration in a unique way – by breaking into a dance. The video of the incident has since been making rounds of social media, and netizens are having a laugh riot.


In November 2021, a bench headed by Chief Justice of India, N.V. Ramana made a fascinating and timely remark on the state of Indian television news debates. “Debates on TV are creating more pollution than anybody. They don’t understand what is happening and what is the issue. Statements are taken out of context. Everyone has their own agenda,” CJI Ramana led bench had observed.

When someone puts on a news debate in India, their senses are assaulted by loud voices of panelists, intense graphics, and at times, even misinformation. At best, they go to bed with a throbbing headache and frustrated conscience. At worst, they are misinformed, and transformed into a fanatic.

It’s not just spectators that get frustrated with the how news debates are conducted. Even panelists are left unheard and frustrated in such debates.

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The Facts of the Matter

Different people have different reactions when they are frustrated. Some clinch their teeth and raise their voice, some go silent, while some end up tearing up. However, a television news panelist had a hilarious reaction when she got frustrated during a news debate. As she was not getting a chance to speak, she was visibly agitated. However, she expressed her frustration by breaking into a small dance routine.

The panelist was identified as Roshni Ali, and was reportedly live on a Republic Bangla news debate. The incident happened earlier last year, but the visuals of the incident are now making the rounds of Twitter. Ali was on a news debate where the firecracker in West Bengal was being discussed.

In a segment, called ‘Anibaner Agnibaan’, Ali was trying to get her thoughts out. However, she was being outspoken by people much louder than her. Frustrated over the ordeal, Ali just broke out into a dance routine.

Watch Video Here:

Netizens React to TV News Debate Panelist Dancing

The video of the incident was shared on micro-blogging platform Twitter where it has since been watched over thirty-five thousand times. Netizens were quick to react with their witty remarks and hilarious comments.

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Actress Eats Lunch During Prime-Time Debate

Earlier in 2020, Indian actress Kasturi Shankar also stole the limelight when she appeared at a prime-time debate with journalist and anchor Arnab Goswami. The actress was called to share her thoughts on nepotism in Indian entertainment industry. However, instead of getting her word out, the actress was seen munching on a meal as Arnab Goswami and other panelists continued on their discussion.

Later, the actress in one of her tweets shared how she knew that the anchor was not going to let her talk to anyways, and thus, she decided to grab lunch.


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