Frustrated with taking care of her 86-year-old mother-in-law, a woman in Delhi beat the 86-year-old elderly woman to death with a pressure cooker. The shocking case of elderly abuse resulting in a death was reported from Neb Sarai in south Delhi, and occurred earlier on April 28. Some reports indicate that the accused daughter-in-law used frying pan to beat the mother-in-law to death.

Harshi Som, met a tragic end at the hands of her daughter-in-law, Sarmishta Som, in a horrifying incident that unfolded late last month. The accused, frustrated with the burden of caregiving, allegedly beat the helpless elderly woman to death with a pressure cooker. The chilling crime took place within the confines of their one-bedroom apartment.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), Chandan Chaudhary, recounted the simmering tension within the household. Sarmishta had been grappling with the arduous responsibility of caring for her elderly mother-in-law. The relentless demands of cooking, serving meals, and tending to the daily chores had become an insurmountable burden for her.

Unraveling the complex dynamics of the family, investigators discovered that Sarmishta Som, a homemaker, engaged in frequent arguments with her husband, urging him to send his mother back to their native city of Kolkata. The strain in the relationship between the accused and the victim was corroborated by Surjit’s own admission during the police inquiry.

The Facts of the Matter

Elderly abuse has been on the rise for many years now, and unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear of cases where older people are mistreated or even killed by their own family members.

One such case recently came to light in south Delhi, where an 86-year-old woman was allegedly beaten to death with a pressure cooker by her own daughter-in-law.

The motive behind the crime? The daughter-in-law was reportedly frustrated with having to care for the elderly woman, and wanted to send her to an old-age home.

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86-Year-Old Found Dead, Investigation Ensues

It was late last month when the life of Harshi Som, a frail and defenseless octogenarian, was abruptly cut short. Allegedly, it was her own daughter-in-law, Sarmishta Som, who orchestrated this ghastly act.

The victim, Harshi Som, met her tragic end within the confines of her modest one-bedroom apartment in Neb Sarai, south Delhi. Investigators meticulously pieced together the chilling sequence of events that unfolded that fateful day.

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Victim and Accused Shared Strained Relationship

The victim, Harshi Som had once lived with her son and daughter-in-law, the accused, in their Swastik Residency flat. However, her deteriorating health necessitated a change in living arrangements, leading to her relocation to a nearby apartment. This transition proved to be a tipping point, exacerbating the existing strain between the accused and the victim.

Chilling CCTV Footage Surfaces

As the investigation reached a critical juncture, a piece of evidence emerged—a chilling and heart-wrenching surveillance footage. The camera, meticulously installed by the victim’s son, had inadvertently captured the final moments of Harshi Som’s life. In the grainy images, Sarmishta Som could be seen entering the kitchen, clutching a pressure cooker—a benign household item turned into a weapon.

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Accused Woman Evaded Cops for 11 Days

The accused initially misled the cops by making the incident appear like her mother-in-law fell and succumbed to her injuries. She somehow evaded the cops for 11 days, however, the post-mortem report, coupled with the CCTV footage, emerged as damning evidence against her.

The police have registered a murder case against the accused, and Sharmishta has been booked on charges pertaining to murder.


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