Ola Futurefactory is all set to be the world’s largest only woman e-scooter factory that will employ over 10,000 women. Based in Tamil Nadu, the Futurefactory is a one-of-its-kind factory which will be run entirely by the prowess of women. It will be the world’s largest women-only automotive manufacturing factory across the world. The announcement was made by Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO and founder of Ola Electric.


Reforms, initiatives and policies, that has been the story of several organizations across India to have their workforce more inclusive and gender neutral. And yet, India has one of the worst Labour Force Participation Rates across the world for women.

Reportedly, India has strikingly low female participation rates in world – 21%. This means that about 79% of the total Indian women populous are not out to work or seeking it actively. Meanwhile, countries such as China, US and even Bangladesh, have a better labour participation rate.

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The Facts of the Matter

Ola, India’s answer to the world-famous ridesharing platform Uber, has made a significant stride to put a dent in such an abysmal percentage. Ola’s electric vehicle manufacturing arm – Ola Electric, has announced that it will operate the world’s largest women only e-scooter manufacturing facility.

‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Requires Aatmanirbhar Women’

“An Aatmanirbhar Bharat requires Aatmanirbhar women.Today, I am proud to announce that Ola Futurefactory, will be run entirely by women. We welcomed the first batch this week and at full capacity, Futurefactory will employ over 10,000 women, making it the world’s largest women-only factory and the only all-women automotive manufacturing facility globally,” Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO & Founder of Ola Electric wrote in a blog.

Aggarwal further noted that having over 10,000 women in a facility is just one of the several initiatives taken by the ride-sharing startup. Their idea? Simply to create a more inclusive workforce and to make Indian women self-reliant by providing them with economic opportunities.

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“Manufacturing participation by Women lowest at 12%”

The founder & CEO of the electric manufacturing arm of Ola also reiterated on the efforts required by manufacturers to put a woman workforce as a priority. “.this requires active and conscious efforts from all of us, especially in manufacturing where participation remains the lowest at just 12”, he wrote, noting the efforts required to enable women to be more independent.

“For India to be the world’s manufacturing hub, we must prioritize upskilling and generating employment for our women workforce,” he wrote. He also made an observation that if a more inclusive workforce is present, India’s GDP can grow by about 27%.

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Everything You Must Know about Ola’s Futurefactory

Reportedly, Futurefactory is Ola’s electric scooter manufacturing facility built in Tamil Nadu. Built over an investment of over Rs. 2,400 crores, the state-of-the-art facility is the world’s largest electric-vehicle factory. Back in 2020, when it had announced the setting up of the facility, Ola had claimed that the company will be producing about 10 lakh electric scooters per year and will be scaling up to 20 lakh electric scooters.

The company had also claimed that upon its completion, the Futurefactory will be churning out 1 crore electric scooters in a year. According to the company the 1-crore units will be about 15% of the overall two-wheeler production in the world.