Dramatic footage has surfaced, showing a family of 6 people in Morena being gunned down ruthlessly in broad daylight. According to reports, the bloodshed took place in broad daylight and the accused belonged to the rival group who came all guns blazing at their home, all over a property dispute.

The calm of a small village in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena was shattered on Friday when a long-standing feud between two families boiled over into a violent clash. Caught on camera, the footage shows the horrifying sight of six people being shot at close range with rifles.

The victims, including three women, had no chance to defend themselves as they were caught in the crossfire of the vicious feud between Ranjit Tomar and Radhe Tomar. This feud had been simmering for years, and the incident on Friday was the culmination of years of pent-up anger and animosity.

According to reports, three victims succumbed to their injuries on the spot, while the remaining victims breathed their last while they were being rushed to the nearby hospital. In the immediate aftermath, eight people were identified, and a case has been registered against them.

As per TOI, the nearby village of Bhidosa is known for its association with similar incidents, owing to dacoit Paan Singh Tomar.

The Facts of the Matter

The blood-soaked fields of Madhya Pradesh’s Morena have become a hotbed of tragedy and revenge, with a family feud erupting into a violent clash that left six people dead and three more fighting for their lives. The frenzied scene, caught on camera, shows the vicious attack unfolding with shocking ferocity.

It all began in the quiet village of Lepa, located a mere thirty kilometers from the district headquarters. Two families, the Tomars, and the Radhes, had a long-standing grudge against each other, which had festered for years. A land dispute that led to a brutal murder a decade ago had ignited the powder keg of hatred that now exploded into a massacre.

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What Does the Video Show

The video, which appeared to be captured by one of the locals in the village, showed a man brandishing a rifle, and firing at close range. The victims fell and the camera captured every bloody detail. As the killer reloaded, his accomplice stood nearby, wielding a gun.

While the gun-yielding men were seen on camera advancing further, women were caught on video approaching the slain men, and tending to them.

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Watch Video here

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What Caused the Violent Outburst?

The Additional Superintendent of Police Rai Singh Narwaria revealed a long-standing feud between two families that began in 2013, when a heated dispute between the sons of Dheer Singh and Gajendra Singh turned deadly, claiming the lives of two members of Dheer Singh’s family.

The courts intervened, and some of Gajendra Singh’s relatives were incarcerated, while others fled the village in search of peace.

Just when it seemed that the wounds of the past had healed, Dheer Singh’s family feigned a truce, luring Gajendra Singh’s kin back to their ancestral home, hoping for a fresh start. However, Dheer Singh had bid his time, nursing his thirst for revenge until the opportune moment arrived.

With the help of his accomplices, he launched a savage attack on Friday that resulted in the brutal murder of six members of Gajendra Singh’s family, leaving the community reeling in shock and disbelief.

Tragedy Not Isolated Event

This tragedy was not an isolated incident but the latest chapter in a saga of violence and revenge. The nearby village of Bhidosa has a notorious history of dacoitry, and its association with the infamous Paan Singh Tomar, who was also embroiled in a land dispute, has only added fuel to the fire