The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MP Gautam Gambhir approached the Delhi Police to file a complaint after he received death threats from ISIS Kashmir. Security has been tightened in front of Gambhir’s residence after he sent a letter to Delhi Police informing them about the threat.


On 23rd November 2021 Tuesday at 9:32 p.m. the former cricketer and now a politician, Gautam Gambhir received an email on his official ID from a terror group from ISIS Kashmir. The email from the terrorist group of ISIS Kashmir read the threat to kill Gambhir and his family.

The 40-year-old BJP MP immediately decided to inform the police and file a complaint. Gambhir wrote a letter to the Delhi Police giving all the details of the email received by him from ISIS Kashmir.

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The Letter Details

The BJP MP representing East Delhi sent a letter to the DCP Central District which read, “This is further to our telecommunication, we have received an email from ISIS Kashmir on the official email ID of Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday evening. The mail states death threat to MP and his family. I, therefore, request you to look into the matter and make adequate security arrangements.” The letter was written by Gaurav Arora on behalf of Gautam Gambhir.

Police Reports

After receiving the complaint letter from the BJP MP, the DCP Central District, Shweta Chauhan reported about the email received by Gautam Gambhir on his official email ID from ISIS Kashmir on Tuesday at 9:32 p.m. The DCP confirmed that the mail from ISIS read, “We are going to kill you and your family.” She also reported that security has been beefed in front of the Delhi MP Gambhir’s residence and an investigation has been started on the case.

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The Reason Behind the Terror Threat to Gautam Gambhir

One of the major reasons behind this terror threat to Gautam Gambhir and his family is assumed to be the Delhi MP’s being extremely vocal on the issues of cross-border terrorism. Lately, Gambhir has been frequently raising the terrorism issues in Kashmir and Pakistan. Being a staunch nationalist, Gambhir said that India should not maintain any kind of relationship with Pakistan until the issues of cross-border terrorism are over. In this year February, he also said that nothing is more important than the life of our Indian Soldiers.

In 2020, Gautam Gambhir also accused Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani cricketer of his tweet on Jammu Kashmir and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On 15th May 2020, Afridi tweeted, “It does not take a religious belief to feel the agony of Kashmiris…just a right heart at the right place.” To this tweet, Gambhir replied on 17th May 2020, “It is unfortunate. Such comments are a reflection of your (Shahid) and your country’s (Pakistan) thinking.”

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Previous Threat Calls to Gambhir

Before the current threat email received by Gambhir, in December 2019 he received a threat call to kill him and his family from an international number. At that time also Gautam approached the Delhi Police and urged them to file a case for the safety of his family and himself.