A Georgia-based man recently got himself arrested after commenting on ‘Most Wanted List’ Facebook post shared by the Rockdale County police department. The accused suffered the consequences of his own arrogance and foolhardiness as he commented “how about me” on a Facebook post shared by local police department which had pictures of the most wanted persons. The arrested accused was identified as Christopher Spaulding.

It so happened that earlier Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office on Monday shared its top ten most wanted list with pictures of the ten most notorious men the local cops are on the lookout for. For some strange reason, a man with the name Christopher Spaulding entered the comment section and mocked the cops by commenting “How about me”.

Christopher presumably thought that his charges were not so severe that he would be called out for his brash mocking. However, to his surprise, and amusement of many netizens, the sherrif’s office commented saying, “You are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way.”

Hilariously enough after his arrest, the sheriff’s office made another tongue-in-cheek announcement, where they said, “We appreciate you for your assistance in your capture.”

People getting arrested thanks to their brash or reckless behavior is very common. In Tamil Nadu, thieves were arrested from a liquor store after they got drunk at the scene of crime itself.

The Facts of the Matter

What’s more dangerous than a criminal? An over-confident and arrogant criminal. The arrogance of a criminal can often lead to their own implication and subsequent arrest, as was the case with a Georgia-based man identified as Christopher Spaulding.

Spaulding, who had two warrants for his capture, made the foolhardy mistake of helping the cops find him, that too by making a comment on social media.

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List had Men Wanted for Murder, Robbery

It so happened that earlier on Monday this week, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office’s social media handle on Facebook shared its Most Wanted List for November 2022. The list included men accused of murder, robbery, and kidnapping.

The sheriff’s office also asked people to call its investigators if they have any information regarding men featured on the list. Little did they know, one person would be asking for his own arrest in the comments section.

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“How About Me?”: Georgia Accused with Warrants Asks

Hours after the list was floated, a man identified as Christopher Spaulding took to the comment section and asked – “How about me”. The sherrif’s office didn’t take too long to notice the comment and replied back, “you are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way.”

The shocking self-implication of Christopher, and the response of the sheriff’s office garnered some hilarious reaction. “Y’all wild for this 🤣🤣 But good work lol,” a Facebook user commented. “Messed around and found out real quick like,” another user wrote.

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“We appreciate you..”: Local Cops Arrest Accused

Meanwhile, the Rockdale County Sherrif’s Office shared another update regarding the matter, announcing Christopher’s arrest. “We appreciate you for your assistance in your capture! Special thanks to our Fugitive Unit for being active and efficiently apprehending Mr. Spaulding who has 2 warrants for Felony Violation of Probation,” the Facebook post read.

The local police department also added that while its top 10 list is compiled on the basis of charges servility, it doesn’t mean that those who have an active warrant against them are not being looked for.


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