In another alarming incident reported from Ghaziabad, a 6-year-old girl was reportedly mauled by a pet pit bull. According to an Indian Express report, the owner of the pet dog denied to bear the cost of treatment, following which the victim’s father filed a complaint against him. The incident was reported from Ghaziabad’s Loni town and occurred earlier on August 15. The victim was identified as 6-year-old Khwaish.

Earlier on August 15, Khwaish was playing in a local park when she was mauled by a pet pit bull. Such a vicious attack it was, that the pit bull reportedly chewed up the little girl’s ear. As per his father Prem Kumar, Khushi will need to undergo a treatment which may go on for over two years.

In his complaint, Prem Kumar alleged that the pet pit bull’s owners had initially agreed to bear the treatment cost of his little daughter. The cost of the treatment was around Rs. 72,000. However, Kumar added that the owner declined to bear the cost of the further required treatment, which led him to file a complaint.

The incident comes after multiple similar instances were reported recently. In July, an elderly woman was mauled to death by her pet pit bull in Lucknow. Similarly, in Gurugram, a woman was left injured in a similar pet pit bull attack.

The Facts of the Matter

While the jury is still out on whether stricter rules must be put in place regarding ownership of aggressive dog breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers, another pit bull attack was reported from Ghaziabad. This time, a pet bull reportedly chewed off a 6-year-old girl’s ear and mauled her face.

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Pit Bull Attacks Girl Playing on Swing

According to an Aaj Tak report, the incident occurred earlier on August 15 and took place in Loni. 6-year-old Khwaish was reportedly swinging outside her house. This was when her neighbour’s pit bull attacked her. The pet dog pulled the girl down from the swing and dragged her away. It further mauled the little girl.

The victim’s scream of cries alarmed people passing by, who somehow managed to separate the dog from the girl. The girl is currently admitted to Ganga Ram hospital. The doctors treating 6-year-old Khwaish told his father Prem Kumar that she will need to undergo an ear surgery.

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Owner Promised to Bear Treatment Expenses, Then Backs Off

Speaking to Aaj Tak, Perm Kumar mentioned that his family’s financial condition is not good. He mentioned that after the attack, the pet dog’s owner promised him of bearing all expenses of the girl’s treatment if the matter would be settled then and there.

However, when the family found out that the surgery would cost Rs 6 –8 lakhs, they decided to back off. This triggered Prem Kumar to file a complaint against the owner of the pet pit bull.

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Owners Also Intimidated Father of Victim

According to an Indian Express report, Prem Kumar mentioned that the owner denied bearing the cost of treatment, and further told him to file case or complaint or “whatever he wishes” in the matter. The FIR also alleged that the pet pit bull’s owner hurled abuses at Prem Kumar and intimidating him to return the money paid at the hospital for the initial treatment.


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