In Ghaziabad, clashes erupted in a residential society where residents and bouncers exchanged blows. Viral video of the incident shows a free-for-all melee like situation where scores of people are thrashing each other relentlessly. Several members of the two groups were armed with lathis and belts and showed no mercy on the people of other side. One of the groups were also seen making use of uniformed guards while other group employed bouncers.

The brawl reportedly broke sometime around Thursday afternoon in Mahagun Mascot society, Ghaziabad. The two groups thrashed each other over the issue of security agency change. According to reports, locals said that the brawl erupted after the previous AOA (Apartment Owners Association) questioned the legitimacy of the newly elected AOA.

A TOI report quoted Arun Kumar Vajpayee, the newly elected AOA president saying, “This month, the registrar ordered that a fresh election be conducted. So there was no official AOA. It was after this that Joshi and his team started disturbing peace.” Nishant Joshi was the previous AOA president.

After the fight broke out, a team of police was rushed to the spot and the situation was controlled. Subsequently, an FIR was filed against Nishant Joshi, Sushil Mishra, Sushant Chaudhary, and others under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The Facts of the Matter

Tempers were flared & punches were exchanged by two groups in a residential society in Ghaziabad. Such was the high-octane drama that one of the groups actually ended up employing uniformed guards. Other group involved bouncers to fight for their cause. The Ghaziabad society fight is now trending on social media, with visuals of the incident gone viral.

The brawl erupted earlier on Thursday afternoon in Mahagun Mascot society of the Crossing Republic of Ghaziabad.

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What Does the Video Show?

The over two-minute video shows uniformed security personnel, residents of the society, and buffed-up bouncers, shoving, thrashing and hitting each other in a melee like situation. Some men are seen holding lathis while others are seen using their belts and rods. Someone makes it a point to close the residential society’s gate closed. However, this doesn’t stop men on either sides of the gate, as they are seen jumping high in the air and hitting the members of the other group with lathis. A cop soon emerges in the frame, and the residents of the society start scrambling away.

Watch the Video here:

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What Caused the Brawl?

The cause of the brawl is being reported to be a dispute between former AOA members of the society, who wanted the security agency to be changed in the society.

Arun Kumar Vajpayee, the newly elected AOA president, told media that the previous president Nishant Joshi had complained that the society elections were not fair. The previous AOA questioned the legitimacy of the newly formed panel.

Vajpayee alleged that after a new election was scheduled, the building had no official AOA, which prompted the previous president to disturb peace.

Meanwhile, previous president Nishant Joshi claimed that his team was handling the society’s maintenance and security till the new AOA was elected. He alleged that the agency for the society’s security was changed as they hadn’t been provided with funds.

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Several Persons Booked

After the brawl broke out, several residents of the building staged a dharna. Meanwhile, the police registered a case against several persons for the breach of peace and booked them under multiple sections of IPC including section 147 (rioting).


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