In a video gone viral, a pet dog in Ghaziabad bit a child in an elevator as its owner stood unmoved and unfazed. Following the incident, the child’s parents filed a complaint against woman. The incident was reported from Ghaziabad’s Rajnagar Extension’s Charms Castle and occurred earlier on Monday.

The incident was brought to light with a tweet whose caption was read – “A pet dog bites a kid in the lift while the pet owner keeps watching even while the pet owner the kid is in pain!”. The video of the incident shows the little boy standing in the housing society elevator as a woman with her pet dog enters the same.

The kid gets in front of the elevator as the two doors shut close, and the dog pounces on the little boy and bites the child on the leg. The boy reacts to the leashed dog’s bite instantly and winces and starts jumping on one foot.

Shockingly enough, the pet owner simply stands and watches the child wincing in pain. She continues to remain unfazed and simply steps out the elevator.

Following the video receiving outrage on social media, the Ghaziabad police tweeted saying legal action has been taken by the Nandgram police station based on the complaint of the child’s father.

The Facts of the Matter

Recently, there have been several incidents of stray dogs on streets attacking children, and pet dogs mauling women, children & elderly. In another such incident, a pet dog in Ghaziabad bit a little boy in the elevator as its owner stood unfazed and unmoved seeing the child’s pain.

The incident occurred earlier on Monday at the Charms Castle housing society located in Ghaziabad’s Rajnagar Extension.

What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a child standing in an elevator and an older woman entering the same with her dog on leash. As the door of the elevator shuts, the child comes in front. The leashed dog pounces on the little boy and bites him on his leg. The child instantly reacts with wincing and jumping up and down on his one foot, appearing to be in a world of pain.

Meanwhile the woman, who one would expect try to speak to the child or come to him for some help, remains unfazed at her pet dog’s action. Throughout the elevator ride, she remains unmoved and walks out of the elevator once she reaches her floor.

The boy is left on his own and he appears to be checking his wound when the elevator opens and another man gets in. The dog bite victim appears to be talking to the man in the elevator.

Watch the Video here:

Netizens React to Woman’s Apathy

Netizens on Twitter were quick to react on the pet owner’s apathy who stood without a care despite her dog biting the little boy.

“Shame, she is much bothered for the dog than the kid who is in utter pain. So ruthless lady must be punished. Do not not whether it is a punishable act or not but Moral policing is very much required,” one Twitter user noted.

“I feel ashamed that day by day people are loosing their sensibility and kindness,” another Twitter user wrote.

Other netizens also lashed out on the pet owner who remained apathetic to the child’s pain.

Ghaziabad Police Promises Action Against Pet Owner

In a response to the social media outrage, the Ghaziabad Police shared a tweet in Hindi which read – “In relation to the viral video of a dog biting the child in the presence of its owner in the lift of a society located at Rajnagar Extension on 05.09.22, on the complaint of the father of the child, advance legal action is being taken by registering a case at the police station Nandgram.


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