In a baffling incident reported from Ghaziabad, a speeding car ran over two men indulged in a brawl. However, despite being run over, the men got up & continued on with the tussle.

The video of the incident shows a speeding car plowing over two men who were hitting each other moments before. Despite taking the hit, the men somehow manage to get up and continue with the brawl.

According to reports, the incident was reported from Ghaziabad’s Masuri area and occurred earlier on Wednesday. Following the brawl, the police detained several students after a case was registered. The police told media that the driver of the speeding car wanted to leave the brawl and ended up plowing over two students locked into a tussle.

Ira Raja, Superintendent of Police, who is involved in the investigation of the matter told media that the car seen in the video has already been seized and a probe has been initiated in the case. He added that a case was registered based on multiple sections of IPC, including section 147 (rioting) and 148 (rioting with weapon).

The top-cop also mentioned that the brawl broke out due to the issue of respect between juniors & seniors in a private engineering college.

The Facts of the Matter

Two groups of engineering students in Ghaziabad recently indulged in a brawl in public view. The brawl spilled on the streets of the Masuri area where two men who were in a tussle were mowed over by a speeding car.

As shocking as the news of two students being run over by a car may sound, it’s nearly not as shocking as what happened moments later. The brawl transpired between two groups of a private engineering college students over the petty issue of respect between juniors and seniors. Parts of the incident were also caught on video, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video pans on several students locked up in a brawl, shoving and chasing each other to prove who’s strongest and most intimidating amongst them all. Meanwhile, the students can be seen running helter-skelter as a car speeds towards them.

Two students who were already indulged in the brawl somehow don’t notice the approaching car and get run over by it. The impact of the hit was such that one of the student’s slippers also got flung off from his legs.

While one would assume that the incident would’ve stopped the brawl, shockingly enough, it intensified the brawl. One of the students who was hit by the car got up, and started hitting another student who also got on his feet. Meanwhile, the students are seen leaving the scene as a cop emerges.

Watch the Video here:

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Cause of Brawl Revealed

Superintendent of Police Iraj Raja spoke to media and gave a detailed account of what the incident was about and what transpired in its aftermath. Some of the students who were detained by the police for questioning informed that a group of second-year BBA students had asked students of first-year BCA students to treat them with respect. This demand turned into an argument, which later escalated into an all-out brawl.

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6 Detained, Case of Rioting Filed

As per the police nearly 20 youths were involved in the brawl, and so far six students have been detained.

In an Indian Express report, SP Raja was also quoted saying, “The car was being driven by a student who lost control and could not apply brakes in time. With regard to the fight, a case has been registered under IPC section 147 (rioting) and 148 (rioting with weapon).”


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