An incident that happened on Wednesday 28th August in Amity University, Noida where 3 students were allegedly beaten up and thrashed by 20-25 people of the university, so badly that one of them is in ICU. The topic of the dispute was fight started by a few girls over a parking spot.

The incident surfaced when a video was uploaded by the witness and the victim of the incident Divaker Tyagi.

The Whole Incident

As narrated in the video:

Divaker Tyagi along with his two friends Harsh Yadav and Saurav Pradhan arrived at the college campus’s Gate 3B. Just outside the college campus, they wished to park the vehicle in the parking but could not because an Endeavour vehicle was already parked mid-way. The boys asked the parking lot guard to ask the vehicle owner to remove the vehicle from the way so that they could park their vehicle. To this, the girls owning the vehicle parked mid-way got agitated and started an argument with the boys saying “Tereko Jyada Charbi Chadi hai kya” (Have you a got a lot on your nerve?).

To this, the boys merely replied that since their vehicle was parked mid-way, they just asked to get it aside and that they should not talk in such a bad manner. The girls got angry and threated the boys saying “Ruk. Tujhe Teri Aukaat Dikhati Hu” (Wait! I’ll show you your limits.)

The boys were in no mood for a fight or an argument so they tried to settle the dispute by leaving for their classes. However, this is now how the girls wanted to settle it. After about an hour, the girls came to the class of the boys with around 4 to 5 other boys between a running class with a teacher taking the lecture. The girls pointed at Harsh Yadav and said: “Ye hai yellow Tshirt wala, isko maaro”(This yellow t-shirt guy, he is the one, beat him).

Although the teacher tried to stop all of this, the girls and their goons did not stop. All of them started beating Harsh & Saurav along with other students of the class. They created a whole lot of nuisance by throwing chairs and tables here and there. Many students, along with teacher got injured in the incident. After the goons and the girls left the class, the teacher and the students called for a PCR Van (Police Control Room).

Harsh Yadav Injured

After a while, when the PCR did not arrive, the victimized student Harsh Yadav with his friend Madhav Chaudhary went out of class to check whether the PCR arrived or not. However, the scenario in front of their eyes was baffling. Those goons were coming back but this time with rods, stones, sticks and bricks. Soon the situation turned violent and the goons started to beat Harsh and Madhav brutally.

Madhav Chaudhary Injured

The incident turned into bloodshed when Harsh’s forehead started to bleed after a brutal beating by the goons. As told by Divaker a boy Chetan Rao was still beating Harsh on his head with a brick even though Harsh was bleeding. After the incident got over, the goons left the grounds. Divaker along with other classmates applied first aid to the boys and took them to a nearby hospital. Madhav Received 12 stitches and Harsh received 7 stitches on their injuries. Madhav is still in the ICU because of the severe injuries.

The victimized students then approached police station to lodge an FIR. However, to their surprise, the girls had already lodged an FIR against Harsh and his friends stating that the boys pulled them out of their cars, and molested them.

4 Main Accused of the Case

The whole incident has caught the eyes of people around the nation. The four main accused of the incidents are Shiv Sherwat, Chetan Rao, Mayank Tanwar & Rahul Batra who were the first to start the fight on the call of girls. The boys who have been beaten were students of BA Political Science at the university.

Official Statements

SHO Neeraj Malik that an FIR had been lodged against the four accused students under IPC sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 147 (rioting), 504 (criminal intimidation) and 506 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace). The case was lodged on grounds of a complaint filed by Harsh and Madhav.

In a discussion with Times of India, Savita Mehta, the vice-president (communications) of Amity group said “We have come to know about the incident. However, no official complaint has been lodged by any student to Amity. A proctorial enquiry has been set up to investigate the case. Disciplinary action will be taken after the inquiry.”

The boys have requested everyone to support their cause and raise a voice against the incident. In spite of being wrong in the situation, the girls took the wrong advantage of the system and filed a false FIR against the boys. Further, they have been hosting rallies and marches in the name of “March against the Molesters”. The blame of the incident also goes to the people who supported the girls in their activities without knowing the actual situation.

This is a picture of the girl uploaded by an Instagram page “ManHandledbyWoman” who is responsible for the whole incident.

Girl Behind The Case

The brutal beating resulted in so severe injuries that the boys had to be rushed to hospital emergency and they are still undergoing the treatment. This is fake feminism. The girls should not take unethical advantage of their gender. The goons who beat Madhav and Harsh should be punished strictly by the law.

The goons and the girls did not even stop when the teacher interrupted the incident. They entered a running class and disturbed the well being of all the students and disrespected the teacher. This incident is yet another stigma on the poor upbringing of the parents of the accused and the education system as well.