As the world continues spinning, the global monolith mystery continues as Turkey becomes the latest site where another monolith emerges. Metal monoliths have been the subject of conspiracy discussions across the Internet for quite some time. But after a few weeks, due to the fact that the monoliths stopped appearing, the interest also started dying. 

But just when the conspiracy theorists and authorities around the world gave up on the monolith mystery, a new one has popped up in Turkey.  

The new monolith appearance

A 10-feet long cubic monolith has appeared at the UNESCO World Heritage site Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. The structure is silver in colour like the monoliths that appeared before and is 3 meters tall with a Turkic inscription over it.  

The monolith was discovered by a local of Sanliurfa province in turkey. The Turkic inscription over the monolith is roughly translated to “look at the sky, see the moon”. As the media found out about the discovery of the monolith, armed police officials were deployed by the authorities to guard the structure and carry out the investigation.  

History of Monolith appearances

Part alien artifact, part interpretive architectural object, the monolith borrows its term from Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the film flat black metallic objects are deposited by extraterrestrial life forms to assist humans in evolving from one stage to another. These objects were called Monoliths.  

The first monolith

The first monolith was discovered in November 2020 in a demote canyon in Utah USA. A helicopter crew that was flying over the region saw a shiny metal embedded in the canyon. As they were curious, they went down to investigate and found a 12-foot-tall monolith shining under the hot Utah sun.  

According to Utah’s Division of Wildlife Services, “It’s a tough place to get to on vehicle and on foot,” indicating that it’s no less than a miracle for a large monolith to be there. Some curious Redditers went on Google Maps Earth View and figured how the Monolith was installed sometime between 2015-2016. 

The Second Monolith

The first monolith suddenly disappeared without a trace on 26th November. On the day the first monolith disappeared, the second monolith appeared in Romania, Batca Doamnei. The second monolith also was in a similar shape and size and saw the similar fate of disappearing within a few days.  

The Third Monolith

On 2nd December 2020, which was one day after the second monolith disappeared, the third one appeared on top of Pine Mountain in California. Similar to the other monoliths, this monolith was reportedly made of stainless steel and stood as high as 10-feet tall.  

The Fourth Monolith

Although several monoliths started appearing after the third one disappeared, the fourth one appeared at the base of a cliff on Compton Beach. The fourth monolith has been the shortest of the monoliths standing at a height of 8-feet. As always, the appearance and the disappearance of the monolith remained a mystery.  


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