Nike launched their latest shoe by the name ‘GO Flyease’. It is said to be a game changer for sneakerheads as this is the very first completely hands-free and laceless shoe.

The paramount feature of this shoe is that it includes a tension band that holds the shoe in the place of laces. This is a prime feature which makes the shoes easy to be worn on and easily can be taken off without the usage of  hands. 

Ain’t this a great innovation! Definitely going to make our life easy.  

They have also embedded Nike Zoom in the heel of the shoe that provides amazing comfort. This shoe looks like a slip-on and also has a bi-stable hinge. This makes the shoe wearing experience not only effortless but also hassle-free.

Sarah Reinersten, who is an American Paralympic athlete and a member of Nike’s FlyEase innovations team, said that the vision behind the creation was to make something ‘new’ and ‘different’. At the launch event of the shoe, she said “If we could make something you didn’t need to use your hands to get in and out of, it could help unlock those benefits for all.”

The shoes will be available on sale from February 15 for a sum of Rs. 8,758 and will be available in limited quantities for subscribers of the free membership program on Nike’s website which also pushes their ‘direct to consumer’ approach. It will be available later this year as per the plan.

This is the latest addition in Nike’s Flyease Design series. It was launched in 2015 to support people with disabilities to get in and out of their shoes comfortably and without any hassle.