In a horrific incident reported from Goa, a man from Assam was arrested by the police for stealing a puppy with an intention to eat the puppy’s meat. The accused was identified as Tapan Sonawal and the puppy was rescued earlier on Thursday.

A case has been registered by the Verna police against the accused and the accused has been taken into custody under charges of causing cruelty to animal. The accused works as a security personnel.

The matter came to the fore thanks to the timely intervention of two pet lovers identified as Amol Satoskar and Persey Ben. According to the police, the accused was at a restaurant having a tea and was carrying a polythene bag. From the polythene bag, sounds of whimpers and moaning emerged alerting everyone who saw the accused with the bag.

When the accused was asked to open the bag, he started giving false narratives as to what the dog was doing in his bag. Sensing something awry, the locals contacted the police. Later the police arrived at the location and arrested the accused on suspicion that he had kidnapped the puppy to eat its meat.

A similar shocking incident was reported from Northeast in 2019, when a man from Guwahati was arrested for stealing a dog and eating its meat after killing it.

The Facts of the Matter

In Goa’s Zuarinagar, a man was arrested and a dog was rescued from the man’s ensnarement thanks to watchful and vigilant animal lovers. The accused man was carrying the puppy in a polytene bag with the intention to later consume its meat.

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Dog Lovers Foil Horrific Plan

Fortunately, his plan was foiled thanks to two dog lovers – Amol Satoskar and Persey Ben. The accused was identified as Tapan Sonawal, originally a resident of Assam. He’s currently arrested for causing hurt to animal.

Earlier on Thursday, the accused was out and about in Goa and had stopped at a restaurant to have a tea. The accused was also carrying a polythene bag and from the bag, one could hear the whimpers and moans of a small animal.

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Sounds of Pet were Coming from Bag

Shocked at the sounds coming from the bag, the locals asked the accused to open the bag. Horrifyingly enough, a small puppy was found packed inside the polythene bag. On finding out a puppy coming out of the plastic bag, the locals questioned what the creature was doing in his bag.

To this the accused started giving the locals different versions of the answers, never truly giving a satisfactory answer. The accused told locals that her employer had asked him to get a puppy for her. However, when the employer was asked about the same, she denied.

Locals Hand Over Accused to Police

After not being given satisfactory responses, the locals decided to hand over the accused to the police. The police soon arrived at the scene of the incident and the accused was taken into custody. Later, the police arrested the man on the suspicion that the puppy was being taken for its meat.

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Man was Arrested in Guwahati for Similar Charges

Earlier in 2019, a man in Assam’s Guwahati was arrested for allegedly murdering his neighbour’s pet dog in order to eat its meat. The incident was reported from Hatigaon, Guwahati and occurred earlier in July 2015.

The matter came to the police’s notice when the pet dog’s owner filed a complaint regarding the dog’s missing status. When the police swung into investigation and reached the neighbour’s house, they found that he along with few others were preparing and eating the suspected dog meat.


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