In the recent Goa rape case, the Goa CM’s remarks on rape victims has sparked row. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has received critical remarks from the opposition after he gaslighted the survivors and their parents. The incident occurred on the evening of July 24 as 4 people posed as Goan policemen and attacked boys who were accompanying 2 girls. After beating up the minor boys, the 4 men raped the girls.


Often considering itself a land where women are worshipped, India has ironically victimized its women in situations related to sexual harassments and assaults. From labelling women who are out at late hours “they were asking for it”, to commenting on their choice of outfits, people of our country have often stooped to their lowest in treatment of survivors. However, when a Chief Minister of a state makes such remarks, it is unsettling beyond redemption.

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Goa CM Victimizes Gang Rape Survivors and their Parents

Recently, the Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant too was caught while making a regressive statement. Obviously under pressure from the angered opposition over the gang rape of 2 minor girls on a beach, the chief minister victimized the victimized the survivors. He further said that it should be parents who should introspect as to why they were letting their kids to be on the beach at late hours.

“When 14-yo-girl spends night on beach, parents should introspect”

“Ten children went for a party on the beach. Out of the 10, six returned home. The remaining four, including two boys and two girls, stayed on the beach the whole night. When a 14-year old girl spends the night on the beach, the parents too have to introspect, they too should be taking care,”

-the Goa Chief Minister’s horrific statement said.

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“Cannot leave all responsibility to police”

“It is also our responsibility. Just because children are not listening (to their parents), we cannot leave all the responsibility to the police,” Goan CM further said. It should be noted that CM Sawant also holds the Home Portfolio.

Opposition Lashes Out on Goa CM

After his statement, Goan Congress spokesperson, Altone D’Costa said how the state of law and order in Goa has deteriorated and further made the counter argument to Sawant’s remark and said-

“Why should we fear while moving around at night? Criminals should be in jail and law abiding citizens should be out freely moving around.”

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“CM Has no Right to Sit in the post” Opposition

Further, Vijai Sardesai, the Goa Forward Party MLA said how the CM’s remarks were “disgusting” and added, “The safety of citizens is the responsibility of police and state government. If they can’t provide it to us, the CM has no right to sit in the post.”

Earlier on Sunday, 4 men, including one who’s a government employee, posed as policeman to assault boys accompanying minor girls and subsequently went on to rape them on the Benaulim beach, Goa.

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Other Instances of Insensitive Remarks by Diplomats

While the Goan Chief Minister’s remark can be considered regressive, he’s not the first person, who has climbed the rung of diplomacy to be in the public welfare sector and has made such brazen remarks. Earlier this year, former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat made comments on ripped jeans put him in the eye of a controversy. While on a flight, Tirath saw a woman who was wearing ripped jeans and had said what values the woman would give to her children, who goes out in society and wears such clothes.

In June, 2021, the Kerala Women’s Panel chief MC Josephine lashed out on a domestic abuse survivor who called her on a talk show to described her plight.