The new Biden Administration welcomes India’s role as the leading global power. On Tuesday, the Biden Administration welcomed India’s emergence as a leading global power. It also described India as one of America’s most important partners in the Indo-Pacific region. It also welcomed the role of India as a net security provider in the Indo-Pacific region.

State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters, “India is one of the most important partners in the Indo-Pacific region for us. We welcome India’s leading global power.

Earlier in the day, he said, Secretary of State Tony Blinken spoke with his Indian counterpart, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, for the second time in less than a fortnight. In a conversation over the call, the two leaders affirmed the strength of the US-India partnership and discussed issues of mutual concern on the Myanmar situation.

Blinken expressed his concern over the military coup and the importance of rule of law and the democratic process in Myanmar. They also discussed regional developments, including the value of US-India cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

In response to a question Price said that the US-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership is multidimensional. We will continue to engage at the highest levels of our government to deepen cooperation on many fronts, and we are confident that our partnership will continue to have strong and upward trajectories.

India and the United States, he said, cooperate on a wide range of diplomatic and security issues in defense, non-proliferation, diplomacy, regional cooperation, counterterrorism, peace, environment, health, education, technology, agriculture, space and oceans. 

“We also work in international organizations, and we welcome India to join the Security Council in the last month of this year for a two-year term.”- Price said.

The United States is also India’s largest and most important trading partner, with total bilateral trade increasing to USD146 billion in 2019.

American companies are, of course, a major source of India’s FDI, he said. Price also highlighted the people-to-people relationship, which he said is widespread and important. “Around this country, nearly four million Indian Americans call the United States home, contribute to their communities and proudly serve their country’s uniforms,” he said.