Indian streets are not that safe and we are well aware of the incidents already. Everyday newspaper and social media are filled with news of rapes, theft, murders and kidnapping. Even after so many strict laws and litigations, criminals find it convenient to continue their felonies. But don’t worry, even if the Indian Judicial system and police somehow manage to maintain silence amongst this criminalistic chaos, Google has got your back.

Google in its navigation application, Google Maps has recently added a new safety feature being called “Stay Safer”. India is again the first country to be served with this feature. This feature will be available in your android phones with the latest updated version of google maps. The feature will activate when you get off your route. Not only this, but it will also allow the user to share their live location with their friends and family while they are travelling. The feature was launched by Google on Wednesday, 26th June 2019.

This feature is very useful when people especially women are travelling to a place through taxis, cabs or auto-rickshaws. As soon as the vehicle goes off-route, the feature will alert the user about it suggesting to ‘stay safer’. This feature is definitely a saviour for many working women who have to travel late at night from workplaces to home. Indian Police have already registered thousands of complaints where ladies were either harassed, raped and/or murdered by their cab-drivers on the way home. 

“Through our extensive research across India, we have found that a lot of people in India restrict their own mobility due to safety-related concerns. To address this, we are launching another India-first feature in our Google Maps app that will deliver a more relevant and reliable experience to our users.“ said Amanda Bishop, (Product Manager, Google Maps) while announcing the new feature for India. 

To use this feature, the user will need to open google map apps and search for the destination in the map, before boarding their cab or taxi. Then, they can turn on the “Stay Safer” and “Get off-route alerts” option for the route. As soon as the cab/taxi driver deviates from the Google Map’s suggested route, Google will start monitoring and if it goes off-route for more than 0.5 km, the phone will start buzzing with a notification alerting the user about it. The user can tap on the push notification to know there location and status of their route. The same feature will also allow the user to share this information with their friends and family and thus allowing them to track the user’s location on google maps.

This feature was definitely much needed in India. We hope that it would make rides much safer for women & India as a whole. 

Thank You, Google for taking care of everyone.