On 20th May, Google announced its plans of opening its first-ever physical retail store in New York City. Google has announced to inaugurate its first-ever physical retail store in NYC where customers can experience and interact with its hardware and services in a pleasant way.

Just like the ever-famous Apple Store, the Google store in Chelsea (NYC), will open its entry to the public in the upcoming summer season. Here are some key points about this new project by Google.

Customers can experience product before checking out with it

Google Vice President Jason Rosenthal said that-

“At the Google Store, customers will be able to browse and buy an extensive selection of products made by Google, ranging from Pixel phones to Nest products, Fitbit devices to Pixel books and more.”

The company will also host an online store theme (Google Store) so users can shop online and pick up their orders in-store. This is also considered as a smart move post pandemic.

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Safety is the priority

Google said that they will mandate masks, hand sanitization, and social distancing. Speaking of their service commitment, Google stated that customers would be able to seek guidance with experts to get the most out of their device, troubleshoot an issue, fix a cracked Pixel screen, or seek help for installations.

All an all they emphasized that Google would consider the health and safety of its employees and customers amid the pandemic as their primary and basic priority.

Why New York City?

Google has a large regional office here in Chelsea with its 11,000 New York employees. They said that-

“Google has been in New York for the last 20 years, and we view the store as a natural extension of our long-time commitment to the city.”

NYC store is a part of a pilot project

According to the Google spokesperson, they believe that this could be a pilot project to observe and see-through public reaction in a familiar environment before Google Stores open worldwide. Although the company hasn’t yet revealed the inaugural date, but according to the stats Google has finally understood the reason why Apple runs and focuses on physical stores and franchises around the world.

Google’s previous retail attempts haven’t been in action, but with an official setback announcement, this store in New York City is further along than any of those other “rumoured” and “unseen” stores over the past years. New York was the first place Google expanded to after California, starting in 2000, and today the city is home to Google’s biggest campus outside of the main headquarters in Mountain View.


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