Google has shared a new Google doodle for COVID-19 prevention which asks people to ‘Wear masks & Save lives’. The new strains of COVID-19 are more harmful and has hit the whole world. So, the search engine shared the message to wear a face mask, maintain social distancing and inject vaccine as soon as possible.

The cases of COVID-19 are increasing on daily basis in India and across the world.  The animated page of Google shares GOOGLE characters which are followed with the COVID-19 safety protocols too.

With this, the G letter tells about ‘wearing a mask and be safe’. Another animated letter ‘L’ informs about the vaccination and syringe.

When you click on the letter of Doodle, you directly visit a page of ‘Covid-19 prevention’ in the search results. Even it shares a message to urges people about wearing the masks for safety, washing hands, maintain social distancing at public places.

Google shares a message, “Masks are still important. Wear a mask and save lives”.

The logo shows a message ‘it is an important thing to wear masks in a public place, maintain social distancing from the people who are suffering from fever, sneeze and cold’.

Google Doodle is a special, surprising, animated, and fun alteration of the Google logo on its Homepage. Actually, it appears on some special occasions, festivals, achievements and specific holidays with some message. This time it has animated the characters to spread the awareness among people to follow the protocols implemented by the government and the doctors from COVID-19.

This entails people to wash hands and save their lives from infectious diseases. The animated letter L guides you to inject a vaccine to boost immunity power to fight against novel coronavirus spread.

Increasing cases of coronavirus have affected the overall economy. As per the Johns Hopkins University, in the current situation, the Covid-19 cases have topped 131.6 million at the global level. The death rates have increased above 2.85 million globally.

As per the ranking of Worldometers, the current scenario of Covid-19 is that the United States has the maximum number of corona cases with 31,496,976 total cases, 569,282 total deaths. Brazil is in the second position with 13,023,189 total cases and 333,153 total deaths.

India is ranked on the third position with 12,686,049 total cases and 165,577 total deaths. The other countries are also listed with above two million positive cases of COVID-19.

Google Doodle states that ‘we all should clean and wash our hands with soap and water, even sanitize our hands to protect ourselves from Covid-19 disease’.

Some other specific precautions added by Google are people who are suffering from fever and cold or any other symptoms of COVID-19 should seek medical treatment. Doodle stated that people must follow all the regulations implemented by the health authority.

The Google search engine also shows information about the symptoms, precautions and treatment of the communicable disease COVID-19

This adverse situation has enabled Google to share the message among people. Even Doodle states that people should protect themselves and others from infectious diseases. People should follow all rules and take precautions to save lives from the new strain of coronavirus.