In a world powered with modern technology and advanced internet services, it is hard for all of us to live without the internet and computer. It has become an inherent part of our lives. The most element that has a great important impact on our lives from among many things on the internet is Google. The answer to every single question of ours. However, it is quite astonishing to know that the CEO of Google itself grew up without computer and internet.

Sundar’s Family and Upbringing.

Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai (AKA Sundararajan Pichai) was born to a Senior Electrical Engineer, Regunatha Pichai and brought up in the beautiful city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu ion 12th July 1972. His father worked at General Electric Company (GEC), a British conglomerate. The family belonged to a middle-class economy section. 

He says that when he was a child, he had very little access to the phone. He did not even have a computer nor did he have any internet connection back in those days. However, growing up, he realised the power of technology and the opportunities related to it in future.

As a child, he had seen that even after the introduction of the telephone in the market, his family had to wait for a period of almost 5 years to be able to get one for themselves when Sundar was 12. He tells that as soon as Pichai family got a telephone, people would come to make calls to his house to their friends, relatives and others. Looking at the craze amongst the people with regard to the growing technology, he knew that there are a lot of career opportunities lying in this field. All this was revealed by Pichai in an exclusive interview session. 

His Education & Work Life

Sundar is a student of Jawahar Vidyalaya School, Chennai. Afterwards, he pursued his degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP). Looking at his intelligence and technical skills, his IIT professors suggested him to pursue his PhD at Stanford University. However, he decided to take pursue double masters and went to undertook his MS from Stanford University in Material Sciences and Engineering.

Being a brilliant student and with the aid of his interest in technology, Pichai was able to bag a scholarship to study at Stanford Academy. It was there when he got his first computer ever. 

Sundar had planned to pursue a PhD in materials science and semiconductor physics and then become an academic. However, he changed his path again and started working as an Engineer & Product Manager at Applied Materials, a company set up in California silicon valley working on the semiconductors semi-conductors. 

After working there for a while, he went to apply for an MBA at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After completing his MBA in 2002, he went on to join McKinsey & Company as a Management Consultant.

Life at Google

After working for a good while there, he decided to switch the job and joined Google in 2004. 
He started at Google as a part of a team working on Google’s search toolbar. Later, he went on to monitor overseas activities of Chrome, Maps and Gmail. His contribution to the development of google’s search toolbar gave him a lot of recognition after the success of the project. This gave him the idea of developing google’s own search engine, which he shared with the founders and CEO. After a lot of convincing he was able to get them to develop a browser and was awarded monitoring of development and progress of the Chrome Browser. Ultimately after a lot of hard work, the company launched its first browser and the world’s best browser in 2008. This gave him immense recognition and he was promoted to the Vice President of Product Development.

In 2010, he announced open-sourcing of the new video codec VP8 by Google which was another milestone in his success story. 2 years later, he was promoted to the become Senior Vice President of Chrome and apps.

In 2011, he was even considered by Twitter to replace Jason Goldman and lead the product. However, he denied the offer. He further went on to become Chief of Google and afterwards, he became the head of Andriod OS. His genius mind yet another rendered Google with the concept of “Android One”. Soon, he became the Head of Products in 2014.

After looking at the history of his good work and his remarkable contribution to the development of Andriod OS, Chrome, Apps and everything at Google, he was appointed as the CEO of Google, the biggest venture company under Alphabet Inc. in the year 2015.

Sundar’s current net worth is $ 150 Mn. He is widely known for his diplomatic communication skills in the industry and is highly regarded to be one of the most influential men in the world as well. Currently, Pichai is monitoring the strategic direction of the company and looks forward to taking google to newer heights.