The devices with 5G connectivity have been in the Indian market since 2020. On 1st October 2022 the Government o India has officially launched the 5G network in India. Now the Government has enforced the software updates to be made as soon as possible. Under this companies like Apple and Samsung have caught their attention and they have been ordered to push their software update roll-outs before 2023.

The Software Update Protocol

According to a latest report released by Ericsson, India have more than 500 million Smartphone users and 100 million users in addition to the 5G enabled devices who are willing to transit over 4G to 5G subscription, once available.

The Government recently held a meeting which was attended by the government executives such as the MeitY secretary and telecom services executives, handset manufacturers as well. The Smartphone makers were channeled to push updates and to enable the 5G services on the devices which can withstand the standlone 5G networks.

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Apple Inc. Confirms Roll-outs till December

Apple users who own iPhone SE (3rd generation), iPhone 12 and above released models do not have to worry about the new update as their device is already 5G enabled.

Apple is continuously testing various iPhone 12 and above model’s compatibility with the 5G networks. Apple Inc. has released an official statement to a leading magazine which confirms that the tech-giant is ready to roll-out the software updates for Indian iPhone users by December 2022.

The statement by Apple Inc. to a leading magazine read that, “We are working with our carrier partners in India to bring the best 5G experience to iPhone users as soon as network validation and testing for quality and performance is completed. 5G will be enabled via a software update and will start rolling out to iPhone users in December.”

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Samsung All Set to Spread 5G Wings till Mid-November

Samsung has been under the spotlight once the new update got released and also because they have stated that they are working with various operating partners to ensure the smooth delivery of the networks and they aim to provide a hassle free update to their users till mid-november.

A spokesperson from Samsung has stated to a leading magazine that, “We are working closely with our operator partners and are committed to rolling out OTA updates across all our 5G devices by middle of the November 2022, enabling Indian consumers to experience 5G seamlessly.”

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Reliance Jio vs. Bharti Airtel

The latest software update roll-out has lit a spark between the leading telecom service providers Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel. Both tycoons have started competing with each other.

As Reliance Jio said that their 5G services would be made available in 4 cities, in against Airtel claimed 8 cities in which they will provide their network services. Airtel has released the list of cities they’ll be providing their services in, they are- Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bangalore, Gurugram, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai.


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