In an incident of a grand entry gone wrong, an Indian bride and groom fell from a lofted swing while trying to make a grand entry on their wedding reception. The couple were sitting on a swing like structure that was hovering over several tables kept below them. As the classic ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dione plays in the background, it appears that the swing is unable to take the weight of the couple. Soon, romance turns into horror as people look shaken to their core when the swing like structure falls.


To say that Indian weddings are content churning events of epic proportions is an understatement. Couples on their wedding want to feel special and have an experience unlike anyone else. Their families on the other hand go out of their way to give them the experience. While most of these weddings end happily with pictures and videos of people smiling broadly, some don’t.

Thanks to social media, wedding rituals and activities gone wrong are easy to share and discover. While it gives people a reason to smile, it also leaves people with the message that going overboard on wedding may not be the best of ideas.

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The Facts of the Matter

An Indian bride-groom, a wedding venue filled with guests, a swing, a harness, and the obsession to have a “grand entrance”. Yes, you guessed it correctly, these are the ingredients of a disastrous wedding. Recently, a video shared on Instagram has gone viral where a couple, trying to have a fancy entrance, faces an epic failure.

You may have witnessed weddings where the couple have a revolving stage for jaimala, or they arrive on fancy cars at the wedding venue, or even come to the stage sitting on a moon like structure connected to a harness.

A couple tried having a similar ordeal on their own wedding. However, they soon became the fodder of the trollers when their romantic comedy turned into a horror show.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, the bride and the groom can be seen sitting on a swing-like structure. The couple is likely being placed to the stage on the floor. Guests on the ground look at the couple with an awestruck look on their faces as Celine Dione’s famous ‘My heart will go on’ plays in the background.

Comedy Turns Into Horror – Couple Falls From Swing

However, it doesn’t take too long for the situation to do a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree flip. Somehow the couple lose their balance and the swing, appears to be not able to hold the couple’s combined weight.

The couple soon topple off the swing as they were not even connected to the harness and fall on the table kept on the ground. Wedding invitees who had a look of awe a moment ago look at the couple with pure shock on their faces.

Although the comment section is filled with people laughing at the couple, we certainly hope that the couple didn’t sustain any injury on their wedding day.

Watch the Video Here:

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Pakistani Couple Chooses JCB To Make Grand Entrance

While India is witnessing a rising number of couples trying to have fancy entrances for their weddings, a Pakistani couple chose a completely different way of coming to the venue.

Earlier in October, a video had surfaced from Pakistan where a couple had ditched the fancy car or dangerous floating swing for a classic JCB. Yes, you heard it right. Video showed the couple standing on the bucket of the JCB excavator.

Watch the Video Here: