The Grand Paradi Towers in Mumbai holds within itself a grim tale of a high-rise which somehow drove several of its residents to suicides. Unlike most suicide cases that emerge from lack of financial stability or long-surpassed disputes, the Grand Paradi Towers suicide cases are that of rich, affluent and otherwise well-to-do Mumbaikars who decided to take the grave step. So what triggered these residents to take that step? Nobody knows.

Built way back in 1975, the Grand Paradi Towers have continued to be the pads of some of the richest families in India, including celebrities, diamond merchants from Surat, Gujarat and Maharashtra, and other affluent people. Thanks to its view of the city on one side and the sea on the other, Grand Paradi offers living to only the one percenter among the one percenters.

However, if locals are to be believed beneath the glory of the high-rise lurks something else, which has been causing its residents to jump to their deaths. What started in the late 90s and continued till the early 2000s, can be traced back to the Dalal family suicide incident, which occurred as early as 2005.

Residents, who continue to live in the Grand Pardi, have since taken parts in counselling and suicide prevention workshops. Several pujas have been conducted as well.

The Facts of the Matter

Standing tall and sturdy, the pista-coloured buildings of the Grand Paradi have for years offered the richest of the rich a chance to own a home which would overlook the entire city on one side, and the magnificent Arabian sea on the other. The 28-storeyed buildings of the Grand Paradi Towers also sings a sordid saga of unfortunate suicides.

For years, Grand Paradi Towers have been a dream of those who want to make it big in the city of dreams, and those who want to witness something paranormal. What is it about the Grand Paradi Towers, which drove several people for decades to kill themselves?

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The Dalal Coupel Suicides

It all started with the Dalal couple suicides. In June, 1998, Vasudeo and Tara Dalal jumped to their deaths from their eighth-floor balcony after alleged harassment from their son Balkrishna, and their daughter-in-law Sonal.

In 2000s Mr Jain, a wealthy man in his 40s who worked at a brewing company, also committed suicide in Grand Paradi Towers. A rumour of something being strange and off about the high-rise started circulating, and a house help used it to his advantage in 2001.

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The Suicide Threats

In 2001, Narayan Ramchander, a house help, threatened to jump from the building after being accused of stealing. The entire ordeal lasted for as many as 10 hours, and ended after he got rescued. When the police detained him, he alleged that he was being mentally tortured by his employers.

Second & Third Generation of Family Kills Self

In 2005, Balkrishna and Sonal, who were alleged off abetting the suicide of Vasudeo and Tara Dalal, who killed themselves in 1998, were awaiting the trial. Fearing the worse, the duo, along with their 19-year-old daughter Pooja, took the same exit route and jumped from their eighth-floor apartment, from the same balcony. It was reported that they wanted to avoid conviction for abetment to suicide.

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Locals Claim Seeing Visions, Hearing Noises

While no one has been able to put a finger on what has caused such incidents in the high-rise, there have been reports that as many as 20 suicide cases have occurred in the Paradi Towers. Locals have since claimed seeing visons of people, hearing howls and whispers and crying, and a general sense of gloomy feeling. Meanwhile, the Dalal apartment where two generations ended its lives, sits empty.


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