In a spine-chilling development where greed & alcohol led to crime, a headless body of a man was dug out near Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh’s farmhouse. The news broke on June 21 and the body of the man was exhumed on Sunday, June 20. According to the police, the victim’s head is still missing and being looked for. The incident came straight from Siswan, Mohali.


Stories of fortunes being dug up are quite common. As are the stories of idols of a deity being excavated. But a new development from Punjab gives ‘gade murde ukhadna (digging out unpleasant secrets) a whole new meaning.

A police case has been filed at the Mullanpur Garibdass police station against 3 accused in connection of a horrific crime. The case has been filed in the matter of a headless body being found near the Punjab Chief Minister’s farmhouse in Mohali.

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Victim sold goats for living

According to the officials, the 2 accused – Desh Raj & Satnam Singh – were residents of the Parol village. And arrested in the matter. Another accused from Naggal village is on the run and search is on to arrest the man. Meanwhile the 42-year-old headless body is that of Sucha Singh, another resident from the same Naggal village who sold goats to make living.

As per the officials involved in the matter, the horrific crime took place when the accused were drinking at a farmhouse located near the CM’s farmhouse. The officials claim that the victim of the crime owed the accused Rs. 60,000.

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Victim a well-respected, Sold goats for living

Meanwhile, Karnail Singh spoke a news agency where he claimed that Sucha – the victim of the crime – was missing since June 12 from his home and a missing complaint was filed with the Mullanpur police by his family. In the initial efforts of searching, the family was not able to locate Sucha.

“Sucha Singh has three children, two daughters and a son, he used to keep goats. He went missing on June 12. He was a respected man in the village and we had never seen him quarreling with anyone,”

-Karnail Singh was quoted by Indian Express saying.

Karnail Singh further added that on 11 am, June 20, he heard that a headless body was exhumed near the CM’s farmhouse in Siswan.

“Sucha Singh’s family identified the body from the clothes,”

-Karnail said, speaking further.

Victim disappears after being taken to farmhouse by accused

Reportedly, Jagir Singh, a Parol village resident had come to the victim’s house and had taken him to the farmhouse near the CM’s residence. After that, Sucha never returned. In the interim, it was reported that the body of the headless man was taken to the Kharar Civil Hospital for further investigation and post-mortem.

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Third accused on the run

The accused in the matter Jagir Singh, Satnam Singh, have been booked under the Section 302 (Punishment for murder) & Section 201 (Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

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Quarrel turns violent after alcohol

Both Jagir and Satnam are residents of Parol village. The SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) of the region Satinder Singh also said-

“We arrested Desh Raj and Satnam Singh, and the third accused is still on the run.”

“The victim had drank alcohol with the accused, following which they quarreled that turned violent, leading to the murder,”

-the SSP further claimed.

According to the SSP, the motive of the murder has been revealed to be revolving around the Rs. 60,000 loan victim Sucha Singh had to repay to the accused. In the meantime, the residents of the village where the tragedy struck held a small protest to seek justice for the victim and have even raised questions about the region’s security.