A groom recently exposed his cheating bride’s affair with her brother-in-law by playing a tape of her intimate moments during the wedding. According to a New York Post report, the incident transpired in China. The video of the groom’s shocking way of exposing his wife by playing the X-rated tape during the wedding has shocked the netizens across the world.

The on-screen caption of the TikTok video gone viral explained the shocking turn-of-events. “The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-law’s husband in front of everybody,” the caption read.

The exposed bride can be seen throwing her bouquet at the groom and the groom can be seen further agitating the bride by calling her out. “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”, he can be heard saying. It should be noted that the clip was shared in 2019, and has resurfaced on TikTok again.

On the video sharing platform, the clip has garnered over six million views, and hundreds of comments from shocked netizens.

According to reports, the couple in question had been in a relationship for two years, and had been engaged for about six months before their wedding. A New York Post report also revealed that the bride suffered “domestic violence” from the groom and had been having an affair with her husband over the same.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine being on the stage on your wedding day as you are about to embark on the new chapter of your life. The butterflies soon disappear when your partner plays a clip on the projector which shows you indulging into something nefarious.

Something similar happened at a wedding in China in 2019, clips of which have resurfaced on social media.

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On-Screen Caption Reveals Shocking Incident

The clips show a groom exposing his cheating bride’s affair with her brother-in-law by playing an x-rated clip during the wedding. “The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-law’s husband in front of everybody,” the onscreen caption of the video read.

What Does the Clip Show?

The clip, which is now going viral on TikTok, shows the newlyweds getting on the stage during after a ceremony. As they stand on the stage, a screen in the background shows hearts in the background. However, within moments, things escalate when the groom chooses a shocking way to reveal the truth about his wife.

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Groom Throws Bouquet at Groom

Guests are part-shocked, part-scandalized as the screen plays a clip of the bride and her brother-in-law in objectionable position. Matters escalate when the flabbergasted bride throws bouquet at the groom. The groom meanwhile retorts with – “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”. Several people can be seen making their way to the stage, in a bid to intervene.

Bride Suffered Domestic Violence

According to AsiaOne, the groom unwittingly caught his partner cheating on him as he was testing a CCTV camera he had installed in their home. The bride meanwhile reportedly suffered domestic violence from groom, and had been seeking comfort in her own brother-in-law.

It should be noted that the truth about the entire ordeal is convoluted at best. Users of China’s state-run social media platform Weibo pointed out a “watermark” on the x-rated clip, and claimed that the incident may have been nothing but a publicity stunt.

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Netizens React

Meanwhile, netizens on TikTok reacted to the clip in the comments section. “Best revenge – in front of all their family and friends”, commented a TikTok user. “This is the wedding panic at the disco was talking abt,” another user quipped


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