Global brands Gucci & Adidas are currently facing heat over newly launched umbrella worth Rs. 1.27 lakhs that doesn’t even stop water. However, before you also join the bandwagon and start outraging on Twitter, let us tell you something more about the umbrella. Manufactured by luxury brand Gucci and sportswear brand Adidas, the fancy umbrella is called a ‘sun umbrella’. As the name suggests, the umbrella is not supposed to be used under a stormy weather and its only use is to save one from sun rays.

The intended utility and purpose of the umbrella was lost on users across China who took to their state-owned social media outlets and trolled the brands left and right. While some called the umbrellas that doesn’t stop rain a scam, other called it a joke, and there were those who even wondered whether this was a failure on the part of the two ginormous brands.

The umbrella worth Rs. 1.27 lakhs is manufactured from Italy. With eight ribs a specially carved out birch-wood handle, and green and red coloured web, the product aims to target high-value people that don’t want to sweat out under the sun.

The Facts of the Matter

In a world where money literally grew on trees, how much would you be willing to spend for a nice umbrella? A few hundred rupees? Probably even a couple of thousand rupees, if it comes with some special features.

Now, how much would you be willing to spend for a luxury umbrella? An umbrella straight from the house of Gucci and Adidas. Will you be spending the same amount on an umbrella that’s not water proof? Yes, an umbrella, that you can’t take out in rain.

Final question, will you shell out Rs. 1.27 lakhs for such an umbrella?

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Gucci Meets Adidas to Create Umbrella (for Sun)

Luxury brands Gucci, Armani and more are known for pushing the envelope when it comes to introducing a simple product and charging a bomb for that. However, the recent umbrella from Gucci and Adidas has crossed all such limits.

Gucci and Adidas have been since receiving outrage from people across China for selling an umbrella worth $1,644 which is specifically designed to not protect from rain. As per its website, the “sun umbrella”, is meant to be used for protection under sun and for “decorative use”.

It should be noted that Gucci had described the product as ‘umbrella’ initially. However, following outrage from social media, the brand changed the classification of umbrella to ‘sun umbrella’.

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Gucci Describes Collaboration with Adidas

On its website, Gucci issued a statement about its collaboration with Adidas. “Part of the adidas x Gucci collection, this sun umbrella features the Interlocking G and Trefoil print. adidas and Gucci venture into a collection, where the Web juxtaposes with the three white stripes, and the GG monogram combines with the trefoil”, read the product description.

“Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use,” the description further reads.

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Netzines Reacts to Gucci x Adidas Umbrella

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