In a horrific news coming from Gujarat, a 14-year-old girl was punished for eloping with her lover by tonsuring her head and blackening her face. In the video shared on Twitter, the woman can be seen being forced to carry an earthen pot filled with hot coal on her head by her tribe members.

The girl had allegedly taken off from the village with her partner as she was afraid that she would face severe backlash from her the members of her tribe. The incident was reported from Patan district’s, Harji area.

After the video went viral on Twitter, the administrative authorities swung into action. So far as many as 22 persons have already been detained by the police according to Superintendent of Police.


According to a Times of India report, Gujarat is has reported at least 1 rape per day from 2014 till 2019. Despite word-of-mouth claims which state it’s the safest state in the country, the records showed that the state reported as many as 1,200 molestation cases from the above-mentioned period per day.

To put this into perspective, this means that 3 women were reported to have suffered from molestation every day. This does not even take into the account the massive number of under reporting, an issue that keeps the data conservative, but makes the problem more difficult to tackle.

Recently, a woman faced public harassment and abuse after she tried eloping with her lover in Gujarat.

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The Facts of the Matter

A 14-year-old girl was reportedly “punished” for eloping with man in Gujarat. The incident was reported from Harji, Patan district Gujarat. According to Press Trust of India, the group of community members tonsured the victim’s head along with blackening her face, a ritual that would “purify” her. While the incident happened on November 9, the district administration swung into action when the videos of the incident went viral on Twitter.

Victim Belonged to Snake Charmer Community

According to a report from Ahmedabad Mirror, the persons involved in the horrific incident belonged to the Vadi Madari community. The Vadi Madari community is a tribe of snake charmers that are nomadic.

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What the Viral Videos Show?

In the video, the victim can be seen being surrounded by villagers who have already shaved her head. Further her face is also smeared with black ink, a ritual which would purify her. The woman is made to parade around the streets, carrying an earthen pot with hot coal in it.

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35 People Booked, 22 Arrested for Unlawful Assembly, and Other Offences

After the incident went viral, the police swung into action. According to Press Trust of India, the Patan Superintendent of Police claimed that as many as 35 persons have been booked so far and 22 people have been arrested in the matter.

All the 35 persons involved in the horrific incident were booked under multiple sections of the IPC and Juvenile Justice Act and Prohibition of Child Marriage Act. The sections invoked in the matter were Section 143 (Punishment against unlawful assembly), Section 323(Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), Section 509 (Punishment against word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman).

Meanwhile, the man with whom the girl eloped was booked under IPC and sections of the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act.