In a surprising incident, a Gurgaon-based woman used smartwatch to track a phone snatcher, and ended up punching the accused man to retrieve the phone. The incident was reported from Gurgaon’s Palam Vihar, Sector 28, and occurred earlier in August this year, only to be reported earlier this week. The victim of the phone snatching was 28-year-old Pallavi Kaushik.

Pallavi, a Gurgaon-based merchandiser, was reportedly out and about on August 28 at the Huda market. As she bought groceries at the market, she noticed a man peeping over her shoulder when she was paying from UPI.

Before she could do anything about that, the man snatched her phone and fled the scene. She did raise an alert, however bystanders acted like mere spectators. She did try to chase the accused, who eventually fled away.

She then tracked her phone’s location through her smartwatch, which kept indicating that her phone was not too far away. For the next three hours, she wandered around the Sector 23 streets, and eventually found the accused sitting on his parked vehicle.

Pallavi emerged from behind, struck the man on his head, and tried to take away her phone. The accused eventually fled the scene. Although the accused did leave the phone behind, he used her UPI to transfer over Rs 50,000 to different accounts.

The Facts of the Matter

Smartwatches have not only given millions of users across the world a new style quotient, but also added more to their lifestyle by giving hundreds of fitness metrics on their wrist. Moreover, some smartwatches also come with an ECG and have been responsible in giving users immediate alerts so that they can receive medical attention in a timely fashion.

However, a woman in Gurgaon found a novel use of her smartwatch, tracking her smartphone which was snatched by a phone snatcher.

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Phone Snatched, High-Octane Chase Ensues

29-year-old Pallavi Kaushik was at Huda market in Gurgaon on August 28. The Gurgaon-based merchandiser was buying groceries when she noticed a man keeping an eye on her. As she paid for her groceries using UPI, she was again alarmed seeing the same man peeping to check her UPI pin.

Before she could ask the man to explain himself or back off, the man snatched her phone and dashed away. A panicked Pallavi gave the accused some chase, however, to no avail.

She also asked bystanders to help her, who acted as mere spectators of the drama.

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Woman Uses Smartwatch to Track Snatched Phone

This was when Pallavi got the idea to track her phone using the smartwatch on her wrist. She was fueled by motivation to find her phone when she found the smartwatch beeping and indicating that the phone was in her vicinity

Pallavi’s next three hours were spent wandering around the markets of Sector 23. Somehow, she managed to close the gap between her and the phone snatcher, and found him sitting on a motorcycle, using her phone.

Punching Phone Snatcher, Getting Phone Back

Without making too much noise, Pallavi got closer to the accused, and punched him on his head to somehow get her phone back. The accused did try to hold on to the phone, however, due to the scuffle, the phone fell from his hands.

To avoid further actions, the accused decided to let go of the phone and fled from the scene of crime. Pallavi got her phone, and came back home.

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Accused Transferred Over Rs 50k Using UPI Pin

She filed a complaint with the Palam Vihar police the very next day.

The story however had another twist, as the accused used Pallavi’s UPI pin and transferred Rs. 50,865 from her account to other bank accounts. Based on another complaint filed by Pallavi, an FIR was registered against the accused under multiple sections of IPC.


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