In a horrific development, a Gurugram engineer was stabbed by his wife with a kitchen knife while the children were present in the home at the time the crime was committed. While incidents and reports of abuse against women are quite common, especially in India, crimes like these throw light on the fact that depravity can be exhibited by anyone, irrespective of gender.


In a recent development, a 39-year-old techie from Gurugram was allegedly stabbed to death by his wife at their home. The further distressing fact about the situation is that the couple’s two children were also present when this horrific crime took place. According to the police, the complaint was filed by the alleged victim’s brother while the wife of the alleged victim maintains that the incident was an accident.

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Reason of Crime: Domestic Quarrel turned violent

A domestic quarrel between the two, said the police, was the reason behind Sachin Kumar’s death on Friday. The victim was stabbed in the chest, the police said.

Sachin, the victim of the case was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the chest and due to excessive bleeding, he could not be saved. According to Superintendent of Police, Preetpal Singh-

“The incident was reported from Jyoti Park colony. A domestic quarrel between a couple escalated; the wife stabbed the man with a knife that resulted in his death.”

The SP also said that the case has been filed under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the investigation is ongoing. The motive of the crime was a domestic quarrel that escalated and took a violent turn. Reportedly, the FIR was registered after the victim’s brother Neeraj took to police to file a complaint against Gunjan – Sachin’s wife, & Neeraj’s sister-in-law.

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Sisters of victim demand justice

After the incident, the alleged victim’s sisters – Reshma and Shilpi – were reported to have appealed for immediate justice and have been pressing the matter for an immediate arrest of Gunjan. Reshma was quoted by NDTV saying-

“We demand that the woman be arrested and punished for what she did. We demand justice.”

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Daughter ‘manipulated by mother’: Sister of victim

Reshma also added that the couple’s 11-year-daughter is being-

“manipulated to speak what she has been taught by her mother”. According to Reshma, the 11-year-daughter claims that her father got stabbed accidently. “That’s not true. He was stabbed by his wife,”

-said Reshma. The police also stated that the children are under emotional stress.

According to the police, the victim tried to snatch the knife from his wife and in the process, got injured. After the incident, the victim was rushed to the hospital, but due to excessive bleeding, could not be saved, the police stated.

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“Heard wife’s shouting, never husband’s voice”: Neighbour

Meanwhile, Saroj Bhardwaj, Sachin’s neighbour claimed that Sachin was a mild-mannered man who would come to his home on Friday evening and leave by Sunday.

“During that time, there were fights. We never heard Sachin’s voice, but Gunjan could be heard shouting. We would go to see what’s happening and invariably find the couple arguing in the room,”

-said Sachin’s neighbour Saroj.

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